What the Public is Googling Lately

When I first began blogging, I was floored by the number of people Google (and other search engines) sent to my site.

I don’t see private information about the people who come to visit me, but if the Internet sends them to me based on a search they’ve done,

I see exactly what they typed into Google (or whatever search engine they used) in the first place.

For example, when I scan my “stat sheet” I see a LOT of people have recently been googling “moscow mules” and/or “copper mugs for moscow mules.”

In turn, Google sends them to the post I wrote last May about Moscow Mules – which are a delicious cocktail, by the way.

Although, the vast majority of posts I write are mainstream,

The occasional inappropriate post with sexual content always gets a lot of traffic.

(Sex sells!)

I’ve mentioned before, my most widely read post is an example of my extremely inappropriate sense of humor gone viral.

(I must have been looped on pain meds when I wrote it??)

Please don’t click on this link if you’re offended by bad language and sexual content.  (Well Endowed Men)

In fact, I get zillions (!!!) of hits STILL – every single day – on the Well Endowed Men post.

The world is obsessed with well endowed men.

Here are just a few samples of the “searches” people have typed into Google over the last two days:

•  the benefits of being well endowed

•  stories about well hung men

•  woman seeking well hung man

•  well endowed men at beach

•  enormous long hanging endowed men

•  very well hung dude

•  how to tell if you are well endowed

•  well hung stories

•  how to find a well endowed man

•  club for men with 12 inch penis called hung jury

•  my wife has a very well hung lover

•  are giants well endowed

I’m not sure, do GIANTS exist??

Really, people?

Keeping with the sex-related theme, I also get nonstop search referals in regard to women losing their clits.  (The Day I Lost My Clitoris)

Clit searches include:

•  my clitoris doesn’t work anymore

•  lost my clitoris

•  she lost her clitoris

•  how do you lose your clitoris

•  my clitoris is missing

•  my clitoris disappeared

•  how do I know if my clitoris is missing

•  my clitoris doesn’t work anymore

•  can you lose your clit

•  I can’t find her clit

Surprisingly, on a non-sexual note, my post about the loss of a good friend seems to be something many people can relate to.

(An Open Letter to an Old Friend)

I’m both saddened and startled at how many thousands (!!!) of people have read that post.

(Many of the actual “searches” are heartbreaking.)

It’s sad, isn’t it?

So many people are mourning important friendships.

Other insanely popular posts include:

Going Brazilian

The Nipple Story  (Part I and Part II)

What Camera Should I Buy?

Do Celebrities Have A Right To Privacy?

Caught Naked

While I was writing today’s post, I saw a search query (from just yesterday) that made me laugh out loud:

•  I want to do paul newman

Ha ha!

Didn’t you hear?

He’s dead!

(Google sent them here.)


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