Your Questions ….

I got a lot of questions on yesterday’s post, titled Aaaand … Surgery #9 Has Been Scheduled.

Some of you have missed posts, here and there, and were confused about what’s going on.

Here’s a quick summary:

•  Surgery #9 is scheduled for Monday, January 14th.

•  The surgery will be to remove my “bionics.”

•  The surgery will involve removing the generator which is in my abdomen.

•  And removing the wires which go from my abdomen, around my hip, and up my entire back.

•  And removing the 24 electrodes in my arm and shoulder.

•  Yes, that DOES mean multiple incisions.  Can you say fun times ahead??

•  Dr. Painless will be doing my surgery.  (He’s a bionic expert.)

•  It’s not considered a difficult surgery.  Dr. Painless will be slicing me open and “yanking” things out.  (His words.)  Sound like fun?

•  I can almost hear the scar tissue ripping ….

•  The neurostimulator (that’s what it’s called) was recalled a few months ago.

•  No, I will not be having replacement bionics put in.  It’s my choice not to do so, for several reasons.  (Inability to have an MRI, possibility of future recalls, and the likelihood of scar tissue interfering with my already limited function.)

•  I’ve known I need to do this for awhile, but I wanted it scheduled after the holidays.

•  I will be continuing PT with Paul Newman before and after this whole process.  (Unless he gives up on me … which he promises he won’t do.)

 I have serious PT abandonment issues ….

•  Having additional surgery ahead of me is making me cranky.

•  I’m trying to not think about it, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

•  I just want it over with.

•  I will be FINE.

3 Responses to “Your Questions ….”

  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Ahhh – I was wondering if you’d have it replaced. I understand your reasons not to.

    Good for Paul Newman. He must value his life, because if he abandons you I think I’ll kill him.

  2. karen

    Recalled, huh? Oooh, that would piss me off royally. I totally understand why you’ve decided to call it quits on the bionics.


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