And Then I Took A Photo …

I am SO happy!


OK, first I’ll share the (slightly) disappointing news.

I was *sure* I was going to get my stitches out yesterday.

I did *not* get my stitches out.

Apparently, I’m not done cooking – or something.

(And yes, my abdominal incision is still nasty and painful … but it’s slowly improving.)

But there was also surprising good news …

Dr. Painless said I could start shooting again.


(I don’t think he meant I should start out with an 8 hour shoot … but still!)

I know you’ll be surprised to hear,

I just happened to put my camera in the car before I drove to see him.

After I left his office, I met Miss Kay for lunch.

(Thank you for lunch Miss Kay!!)

We talked a lot.

We do that.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

Then we drove a very short distance to the beach.

It was boring, and empty, and there were no waves.

I apologized to Miss Kay for “making her” go to the beach.

But, after awhile, the sky lit up.

The day ended with a spectacular sunset.

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It’s amazing I didn’t crash on the drive home.

I couldn’t stop looking at the sky …!!

7 Responses to “And Then I Took A Photo …”

  1. Tiziana

    Glad you’re doing better 24! Yeey for being happy 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Yes … it’s so good to return to “real life” even if it’s in small doses! : )

    • Suzanne

      See what happens if you bat your eyelashes enough? Ha! : )

      • Suzanne

        Um … I really hope Dr. Painless isn’t reading today …! : )


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