Can You Handle More Random?

Here’s a very brief look at what’s going on in my head right now …

•  Pink  –  as in the music group.  I’ve got a Pink song stuck in my head.

Pink:  Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

•  WHEEE!!  Today I (hopefully) get my stitches out!

•  I had a Lord of the Rings marathon with my 17 year old son, at his request, yesterday.  Aren’t I lucky he wanted to spend his day (off of school) with me?!

•  I can’t stop reciting LOTR quotes now.  Someone make me stop.

•  I haven’t told you yet about the day (shortly before the surgery) when I had the opportunity to shoot “The Real Housewives” house … post coming soon!

•  My arm is feeling good for being only one week out, although I might have overdone it while cooking for my family yesterday.  Also?  Thank you to whoever invented food processors and Vitamix machines.

•  I hope I can test out a camera soon??  How long do I need to wait without fear of my arm exploding?

•  I’m going crazy not having a camera in my hands …!!

•  My abdominal incision is not doing well.  OK, let’s be honest – it’s pretty miserable.  Hopefully that will be changing soon?

•  People often say very rude things to people who have gone through negative events in their lives.  I’m very happy for you if your life has gone perfectly, but I didn’t “choose” to go through car-accident-and-arm-hell.  (You, however, have chosen to be an insensitive, uncompassionate,  asshole  person.)

•  Several weeks ago I entered a contest and “won” some sort of beauty chemical peel type something-or-other.  I’m not even exactly sure what it is, but it’s apparently worth $500.  Maybe it will make me beautiful?

6 Responses to “Can You Handle More Random?”

  1. Denise

    I love Pink, the artist and the color. I really need more in my life. Glad you’re doing a little better each day:-) Yes, there are all kinds in the world and we just try to avoid the negative as much as possible. Spending an entire day with your teenage son is pretty cool.

    • Suzanne

      Isn’t it?
      It’s so nice when they actually CHOOSE to be with a parent! : )

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Woman, you are already beautiful.

    As for the insensitive cretin, I like to keep in mind John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory:

    Normal person + anonymity + audience = total fuckwad. An apt description, don’t you think?

  3. Editdebs

    A: I love Pink! I often wake up with one of her songs in my brain.

    B: You don’t need a chemical peel to be beautiful. You are.

    C: No, I’m not just brown-nosing–you are beautiful.

    D: People who make asshole comments need to be ignored. They are worth nothing.

    E: I’m so glad you’re doing well!


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