Easing Back Into Reality

It’s a three day, holiday, weekend here in the States.

Today is the one week anniversary for Surgery #9.  I’m feeling MUCH better!

We had gorgeous (80F+) weather here over the weekend.

January Sunset:  Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

I restrained myself and took it easy (by my standards).

I took lots of joyful showers too, because I’m allowed to with my super-powered-waterproof bandages.

Yes, I did want to go hiking in (and around) sea caves while carrying heavy photography equipment.

Isn’t my self restraint amazing?

This week I’ll be easing back into real life.

Dr. Painless will (hopefully) be removing my stitches tomorrow.

I’m going to visit Paul Newman later this week too, because he doesn’t know what to do without me.  (Poor man!)

Miss Kay and I might even meet for a cup of coffee and start planning out the next few months of 2013.

I keep telling myself to take things slowly …!

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    • Suzanne

      Well, I FEEL better – but the incision still looks pretty nasty. I see the doc tomorrow ….


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