Happy Weekend And Aren’t We All Glad This Week is Over?

I had a hectic Friday.

I’ve been feeling very BLEH post-surgery.

More BLEH than I probably should have been feeling.

Thursday night, Briefcase mentioned I looked feverish.

Then I noticed my abdominal bandage was …. um, exceptionally gross.

It was late, so I changed the bandage and went to sleep.

(I guess I’m not much of an alarmist after all these surgeries?)

Friday morning I texted Dr. Painless.

I might have sent him a photo of the incision AND my naked boob.

I didn’t even realize my boob was included in the photo until later, but the man has surely seen a lot of boobs before, right?

I mean, he IS a doctor.  (And in Orange County … where there are nothing but boobs everywhere you look!!)

My shoulder is healing great, my abdominal incision is, apparently, infected.

I was given some strong kick-ass drugs to knock out the infection.  I’m sure I’ll be feeling much better by Monday.

It isn’t a huge deal.  It isn’t uncommon after a surgery …

And, I knew what the signs of a post-surgical infection are.

I just need to be careful now it heals the way it should.

The good news?

My incisions have now been “waterproofed” with a different type of bandage and I’m allowed to shower.


Best news ever!

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend here.

I plan to REST so the new drugs can get to work.

(I can’t wait to start feeling my normal energy level returning.)

I’m also going to get lots of fresh air, because sunshine is good for the soul!

2 Responses to “Happy Weekend And Aren’t We All Glad This Week is Over?”

  1. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Dear Miss Patience,

    Give yourself another 5 days before you expect to really feel different especially now that you have an infected area. You’ll be up and out the door soon enough. I know it just doesn’t seem that way now. Think of yourself like a battery and you are getting recharged for all the great stuff coming your way this year. I can feel it.

    SO sorry you have to go through all of this, it is just plain flat out – misery.

    You actually bounce back from major surgery faster than anyone I’ve ever known. Hell, it takes me a full year to fully recover from a big surgery – even though usually I push myself to be up and going in fraction of the time I should be. (type A++ personality… relax? What is that?)

    In bummer news for me, my Christmas list did not provide me with the gifts I had asked for from your site! In better news, I explained to my boss yesterday that reality is – I’m paid 1/2 of what I should be making and he needs to fix it. My ‘investment of time’ into the start up of the company needs to end. I need to actually be rewarded through a more fair paycheck. I have Suzanne pics to stock up on damn it!

    Hang in there. 🙂

  2. Suzanne

    Miss Patience ….! : )

    I already feel better than I did a day ago, but yes – it does take more time than I ever want to give it. I think I’ve already lost way too much of my life to the car accident. I don’t want to lose another minute to it.

    I’m sorry you didn’t receive the gift you wanted.
    I hope one of my prints is a cheeful addition to your life whenever you’re ready! : )


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