One Week, 3+ Pounds Lost

January is off to a very busy start.

Yesterday, I stopped in at Weight Watchers to “weigh-in” for the first time since joining.

The good news?

I lost 3.6 pounds during my first week.

The bad news?

That’s probably what I gained on Christmas Eve.

I haven’t had any problems sticking to the “plan” so far.

It really is, for the most part, just common-sense eating.  (Calories used must be greater than calories inhaled taken in.  Eat lots of fruit and vegetables like your mom always told you.)

I frequently have oatmeal (real oatmeal, not instant oatmeal) for breakfast, but I’m not eating any other grains.

(The no-grain thing is a personal preference on my part.)

I know many people can lose 5 pounds of water weight (or more) their very first week on a diet, but I never do.

I have the metabolism of a snail.

I keep high protein foods on hand since they prevent me from getting too hungry.

I almost always have hard boiled eggs and cooked chicken in the house.  I also stock cans of tuna and salmon in my pantry.

If food is “ready to go,” it’s easy to grab on those chaotic days when I don’t have time to cook.

I also have a lot of pre-washed veggies and fruit on hand.

I find it’s so much easier to prep everything ahead of time.

I use my Vitamix and/or food processor to pre-chop, dice, and slice a few day’s worth of vegetables.

When I’ve been out shooting for hours, it makes it much faster/easier to throw something together if the prep is already done.

My FitBit is making me even more aware of how inconsistent my activity levels are.

My daily “steps taken” varies from 8,000 to 16,000.

I’d like to get a consistent 14 – 15,000 steps every day.

(Surprisingly, my “busiest” days are often my least active.  If I have to be in forty bazillion places throughout the day, I’m most likely spending a lot of time just sitting in my car.)

Of course, next week (surgery #9) will be a huge setback activity-wise.

It’s just a temporary setback, though.

A frustrating, but temporary, setback.

Dr. Painless told me yesterday I’ll be back shooting again in “no time.”

I’m sure he’s right.

Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, would you be willing to share how YOU are doing on your New Year’s resolutions?

14 Responses to “One Week, 3+ Pounds Lost”

  1. joanne

    I have gone paleo, and I love it. I have lost three pounds also, since Saturday. Eating NO processed or refined foods, no dairy, no grain, and only small amounts of natural sugars (from fruit). I am spending a fortune at Whole Foods, but I feel great, and weight is dropping. Same deal, I gained the three in two days at Christmas!

    • Suzanne

      You should connect with Jan (see her comment). She’s been paleo for quite awhile and shares a lot of recipes on her blog! : )

  2. karen

    I was interested in the Vitamix until I saw the price. I just can’t justify spending $500. right now on a blender/food processor. I do know it’s worth the money though. So I bought a nutribullet and it works good enough. I’m trying to make healthy green shakes and breakfast smoothies to help in my goal of a healthier body – I have about 12 lbs. I’d like to lose and I’m walking and doing yoga again. I think I need a fitbit!!!…. I am also cutting out most dairy and gluten products and that really helps to lose weight. Plus I think I have a gluten sensitivity, so I feel better when I don’t eat it.

    I use instant oats, I’m curious.. what are the benefits to what you call “real” oatmeal? Maybe I should switch, as I haven’t done research on the differences….

  3. Judi

    I’ve been hearing a lot about overnight oatmeal. The theory is that the longer soak time helps the enzymatic process and makes it easier for your body to digest. I tried a recipe for “apple pie” overnight oats, but just couldn’t handle eating them cold out of the refrigerator. Once I nuked them a little, they were better but still not as good as regular, cooked oatmeal in terms of flavor and texture.

    I have about 15 pounds to lose, and have lost 2-3 this week just by being mindful of my eating. I have also started drinking hot lemon water every morning, which is supposed to be detoxifying. Now I need to start exercising and moving more!

    • Suzanne

      I make overnight oatmeal for my son to grab on his way out the door in the morning. I make all different types of flavors for him – apple, peanut butter and banana, raspberry, strawberry, etc. I don’t prefer it myself, but he loves it.

    • Suzanne

      Sigh – I feel like I haven’t done so well this week myself. I’ve got such a busy week, I haven’t had a lot of dedicated time for walking and/or exercising. Congrats on the 2 pounds though! You’ve done so well over the last year! : )

  4. Erica

    I planned to spend this month in quiet contemplation in order to discern my True Life Purpose. I found a place to go where I could be alone and I unearthed several self help books I’d bought but never got around to reading. Each month I would set a personal goal based on self-revelation.

    I haven’t done a thing so far, because other stuff is getting in the way.

    I feel pretty good though. Maybe I’m working on my resolution below the surface and at the end of the month I’ll feel as though I’ve taken the first step anyway. If not, there’s still February.

  5. Shawna

    I love my ninja. I love all the smoothies it puts out! I actually have an idea that may help you in the coming weeks of recovery. I have so little time in the morning and this really works for me. I make a giant pitcher of smoothies on the weekend (frozen berries, half a banana, a vitamin powder, a protein powder, a cup of fat free vanilla greek yogurt, a ton of rolled oats (I really keep meaning to measure but I’m clumsy) and half a bag of fresh spinach). Blend like a crazy person while doing a celebratory booty shake then here’s where I got smart. I pour the smoothie out to 24 silicon cupcake cups, throw them in the freezer and strike the Saturday Night Fever signature pose and move on with my day. On the next day, I grab two smoothie hockie pucks, throw them in the individual blend cup,( the silicone means they pop right out) add a cup of POM juice then it’s blend, grab and go. Takes me 5 minutes to smoothie happiness. Plus there’s the bonus righteous “I’m so smart” feeling that gets me through the almost the entire hour to work! So far, I’ve only lost 6 pounds but that feels huge to me. I celebrated by running up the 3 flights of stairs at my office everytime I had to go down and up today. My thighs hate me right now. They wanted brownies.


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