Resolution: Fit Bit!

Yesterday, I wrote a post about joining Weight Watchers.

The past six years (car accident and resulting numerous surgeries), have not been kind to my body.

In spite of the fact Surgery #9 is scheduled ten days from now, I am going to get healthier in 2013.

I’m focused on getting back to my pre-car accident weight.

It involves two things:

1.  Dieting to lose the weight I’ve gained,

And …..

2.  Being more consistent with exercise.

I’m a very active person, but I’m also very inconsistent with my exercise routine(s).

For Christmas, I requested (and received) a Fitbit Zip.


Do you know about Fitbits?

They’re an activity tracking device, and I’ve fallen in LOVE with mine.

It tracks the steps I take (like a pedometer), but it also does so much more.

It records distance, calories burned, and syncs to both my phone AND my computer.

(A Fitbit can track the food you eat and your weight too.)

You can set goals and/or have friendly competitions with your friends/family members if they have fitbits too.

I’m obviously easy to please, because as soon as my Fitbit sent me a message (badge) saying,

“Congratulations you just nailed ten thousand steps!” I broke into a full-fledged grin.

(Not because of the number of steps I’d taken so far that day, but because it’s damn cool it’s communicating with me.)

It’s so lightweight, I forget I have it on.  (You can attach a Fittbit to your clothes, put it in a pocket, or put it in a purse.)

Most people probably already know, we are supposed to walk at least ten thousand steps each day to stay healthy.

I’ve used pedometers before, but they weren’t nearly as motivating or as FUN as my Fitbit Zip.

The Fitbit Zip Briefcase bought me is lime green – it even LOOKS like it’s happy.

(Fitbits are available in different colors.)

I’ve only had one disappointing day with it so far.

I changed clothes in the morning one day and forgot to transfer my Fitbit when I changed outfits.

At the end of the day, I realized I hadn’t worn it most of the day.

I was SERIOUSLY crushed … my Fitbit would think I FAILED for the day.

I felt like I had disappointed a friend and wouldn’t be able to explain my error.

Yes, I’ve already come to think of it as my cute little lime green friend.

I recommend Fitbits to everyone I know.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle you can set small, reachable, goals for yourself.

If you’re exceedingly fit, you can set goals to push yourself even further.

Seriously, these little devices are fun, motivating, toys tools.

I’ve been surprised to discover a lot of people I know are using Fitbits also.

Do you have one?

10 Responses to “Resolution: Fit Bit!”

    • Suzanne

      Let me know if you do – we can be FitBit friends! : )

    • Suzanne

      I hope you like it – let me know if you get one!

  1. Erica

    My son has one. It can even tell when he’s climbing stairs. Over the holidays he spent here, he covered about a third of the distance he usually does per day.

  2. Amy

    I have a FitBit One that I got just before Christmas and I love it. The surprise came when I synced mine with my phone after I had been on a flight earlier in the day. It obviously measures stairs climbed by altitude because it thought I had climbed 30,000 flights of stairs!

    • Suzanne

      I’ve heard they measure stairs climbed, but I’ve never paid attention to whether it really does or not. I guess this answers THAT question! : )

  3. Jason

    Hey! Long time no see!

    These Fit Bits are really quite cool! I just may have to get one.


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