Resolution: Weight Watchers!

I have three kids.

After each pregnancy, I lost my “baby fat” by going on the Weight Watchers program.

It worked pretty well for me, until I would get close to my ideal weight.

Then, it didn’t.

I always had to finish the last couple pounds “on my own” in order to get back to my normal weight.

There were some things I really liked about Weight Watchers.  For instance, I liked the flexibility it provides for special events and dining out.

I also really LIKED having to get weighed each week.  It keeps me honest and accountable.  (It’s just too easy, if I’m dieting without a program, to slip up for a day or two.)  If I know I’m going to get weighed, I tend to be more diligent about following a program.

There were some things I really did NOT like about Weight Watchers when I tried it years ago.

I felt the program (or at least the leaders I encountered) pushed a lot of foods I didn’t consider healthy.

Processed foods.

Artificial sweeteners.

Even “way back then,” I didn’t like having stuff like that in my diet.

I talked to Dr. Painless recently about the weight I gained while on prednisone for a prolonged period of time.  (Weight I haven’t been able to lose, even though I have a pretty healthy diet.)  Dr. Painless deals with a LOT of patients who are battling pain, physical limitations, and the negative impact of pain medications on their weight.  He told me the only pain patients he has seen successfully lose and keep weight off long term have been his patients who have gone on Weight Watchers.


I decided to give it a try again – all these years later.  (My “baby” is now 17!!)

Yesterday, I went to my first meeting.

I was happy to hear a lot has changed at Weight Watchers.

For instance, you can eat all the fruit and veggies you want, with a couple starchy vegetables being the only exception.

They also now have apps (!) and etools (!) and little magic calculators!!

More importantly, the program is flexible in a much healthier way.

I can easily leave out gluten, or artificial sweeteners, or pretty much anything I have a personal aversion to.

In other words, I can keep my 95% already healthy eating habits.

What I will be working on is the other 5% …

Alcohol, the food splurges when we eat out, or go on vacation, and the occasional chocolate craving.

(Damn!  I should have enjoyed that chocolate Santa before I joined!)

Oh, and portion sizes too!

Weight Watchers is all about small portion sizes … something we know very little about in the United States.

Will it work for me?

Well, who knows.

I hope so.

I plan to exclude most grains from the program because I happen to have a metabolism that doesn’t do well with them.  (I can starve myself, but still gain weight if I’m consuming grains.)

I will keep my green smoothies, and I’m very happy about that.

I considered waiting until after upcoming Surgery #9 to begin a weight loss program.

But, the truth is, I just want to start getting the “old me” back.

I know the anesthesia and drugs from Surgery #9  will most likely cause my weight to go up for awhile.

I also will have to be fairly inactive while I recuperate.

Still, I felt it was better to start now instead of postponing it for a few more weeks.

I walked out of the meeting with all sorts of stuff to read, and recipes to try.

I’m sure I’ll probably make a few mistakes as I get used to doing things the WW way,

But I hope I’ll still make some progress.

I will keep you updated.

If I find a great recipe, I’ll share it.

If I fail with a giant chocolate Santa, or a bottle of red wine, I’ll share that too.

And hey, if I lose weight, I’ll dance a happy dance as I share that info too!

OK, now it’s your turn …

Are you trying to lose a few holiday pounds?

And if so, how are you going about it?

13 Responses to “Resolution: Weight Watchers!”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Well, you know, I dropped nearly 40 pounds like a rock when we changed our diet nearly 3 years ago. However, I’ve been stalled forever, and recently my weight has begun to creep back up – and I still have quite a few more pounds to lose.

    I like the way I feel, though, on my present diet (I hesitate to call it “paleo” although that’s the closest correlation, I suppose) and do not want to give it up. So, I’ve pretty much come to the same conclusion you have: I need to exercise more stringent portion control. And exercise more.

    I lost over 60 pounds using Weight Watchers about 25 years ago, when they were still using the exchange program. In the years in between, the times I’ve tried WW again, it didn’t work so well – for pretty much the same reasons you didn’t care for it. They may tell you that you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight, but that does NOT work for me (like you, I’m better off without the grains, artificial sweeteners and processed crap).

    I was curious about this new 360 Plan they have now, and while they still have the asinine “Points Plus” BS, I too was pleased to see that they no longer push the grains, artificial sweeteners and other processed crap. (On an interesting note, the last time I tried WW online, their database did NOT include coconut oil; they must have decided that if Dr. Oz says it’s okay, then it must be because the database not only contains coconut oil now, but several name brands. Alas, they still make no distinction between conventionally raised and grass-fed beef.) And they have some interesting tools to help you manage your activity, which has always been a problem for me.

    So, yeah, I signed up for the online program – I can’t go to meetings because they are still pushing the whole “fat makes you fat” bullshit and if I had to listen to that for an hour, even once a week, my head would probably explode. I’m going to eat far more fat than they recommend, and far fewer grains (none is fewer, isn’t it?), but if the last couple of days are any indication, I CAN make this work.

    Hmmmm. Long reply. Think maybe I should blog about this?

    • Suzanne

      I think, for me, it comes down to taking WW and making it work COMBINED with my lifestyle, dietary needs, etc. Yes, they say you can eat anything you want … but no, I can’t. I need to modify their plan … use it as an outline, I guess. The basic concept is good … we all know we have to use more calories than we take in. I just can’t take in grains and I don’t WANT to take in chemicals.

      That being said, I’m happy to know one of my longest bloggy friends is on this journey with me! : ) We can share what works (and what doesn’t) for each of us! : )


  2. Sandra

    I lost 22 lbs on WW in 2007 and went down to a size 4/6 and kept it off for a few years until 1: We went to Cabo where I gained 6 lbs and 2; Went on Prednisone for hives and gained 8 lbs. Sadly I never lost those pounds and may have (ok…did) gain a few more over time as well. I’ve been trying to decide what I can do to fix myself. I know everything I do wrong but I do it anyway. I definitely need exercise added into my life but at the end of a work day I’m just not motivated.
    I did try WW again a few years ago but I didnt have the same will power to keep on it so it fizzled out pretty fast.
    I do better if someone close to me is doing it too so we can commisserate about how sucky it is we have to do this WW at all! haha

    • Suzanne

      Prednisone is the devil!!
      Let me know if you decide to give WW another try!
      Misery loves company and all of that …! : )

    • Suzanne

      Oh yay!
      I love hearing other people have had success!
      Happy New Year to you too!

  3. joanne

    have you read the Paleo method of food prep and eating?? I like it!

    • Suzanne

      I have MANY friends who have gone paleo!
      There are a lot of things I like and have incorporated into my life from the paleo plan.

  4. Michelle

    Good luck. WW is how my husband and I both lost weight (him 20kg, me 8kg). We found it the best way, because we were accountable to each other and therefore more likely to keep going.

    • Suzanne

      I think it’s GREAT you did it together. I think it would be awesome to have that kind of support!

  5. Shawna

    My resolution is to lose weight as well this year but I’ve tried so many diets that either are unrealistic or unsatisfying or just don’t fit in with my crazy insane work life and were just doomed to fail. So I had an idea and ran it by my doctor to see if it was realistic and with a few modifications, she gave me a big thumbs up! My plan is to celebrate food. In a healthy flavorful manner. No more quick meals that are portable, can be eaten on my lap in front of the TV, and loaded with salt to add flavor to an otherwise bland necessity. I’m going to make meals that take thought, preparation, different ethnicity’s and look to different spices to carry the flavor. Meals are going to be an occasion. I’m also adding in a photography component. I’m fairly active already but not in a “cardiac” way. So, I’m challenging myself to hike with my camera. At least twice a month, hikes that will start at 3 miles and increase over the year. They can be city hikes or mountain/ beach hikes. And I have to get a unique photo from every one. Something I can’t get anywhere else. And we weighed my gear bag! It has to go on a diet as well. Apparently, I’m not allowed to hike with 68 pounds on my back!! All in all, I’m completely thrilled with this and I’m positive this will work!

    Wow, that got wordy! 🙂

  6. Elaine B

    I lost 30 lbs between January 2012 and July. I logged food on the LoseIt app, but what finally led to my drop was the fitbit pedometer and walking/jogging. I’m by no means fast, but I got my activity level up, and the weight came off. You just have to find what works for you when you’re ready. Good luck!

  7. Stephanie

    I did weight watchers about five years ago. It took me nearly two years, but I got to my goal weight. Then I got divorced, my whole life changed, and over the last 2-3 years, I’ve gained it all back. Now I’m trying to lose it again (in fact, losing weight is also MY resolution). For the last ten days, I’ve been going at it alone, just counting calories. I don’t think it’s going very well. Despite really truly wanting to lose weight, I’m still lacking in motivation. I find myself slipping more often than not. Reading this post… maybe it’s time to go back to WW meetings.


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