Three Days After – Randomness

I apologize for not being on my normal publishing schedule.

I’m taking things slow this week.

I thought today (3rd day post-surgery) might be the day I woke up with tons of energy …

But the energy?

Is absent!

I don’t know where it went, or when it will be back … but it’s not here.

(My ability to concentrate on any ONE thing seems to have gone missing too!)

So, what’s been happening in my life (other than sleep) the last three days?

•  As I mentioned before, Miss Kay sent me the most beautiful floral arrangement.  I might have “snuck” one photo of it yesterday.  OK, maybe two.  I haven’t even uploaded them yet.

•  My long time reader, Stephen, sent me an awesome care package from his farm/orchard.  It was filled with lots of yummy (healthy!) goodness.  Fresh fruit from his orchard, fresh pomegranate juice, homemade salsas and jellies!  Yum!  It was the highlight of my yesterday to receive such a great, thoughtful, gift.  I think I’ll make a “healing” smoothie today with the pomegranate juice he sent over!

•  The famous Santa Ana winds arrived in Southern California this week.  That means I’ve got near hurricane force winds in the canyon where I live.  It’s probably not even breezy five miles away – the winds haunt the canyons.  I wish they’d calm down a little so I could spend more time outdoors.

•  It took me nearly all day to get clean yesterday.  Seriously.  I washed my face.  It was exhausting to put out so much effort.  After all that effort, I needed a nap.  Next, I washed my hair.  Then I napped again.  Cleaning one body part at a time takes forever …!

•  I admit, I woke up this morning feeling very discouraged.  My spirits have been pretty good, but this morning there was just a feeling of why do I have to go through this again?  

•  Not being able to shower sucks just as badly as all the rest of it combined.  How can a person feel GOOD without a shower?

•  I haven’t watched any TV, other than one movie.  I’m just not much of a TV person.

•  I’ve been reading lots of “health” stuff …. books on nutrients and healthy recipes, and stuff like that.  Maybe just reading about it will heal me in record time?

•  It seems like there are a lot of articles out there lately of people (still) trying to find a magic pill to be instantly thin.  Raspberry ketones, green coffee beans …  Apparently, there’s some new “magic pill” discovered every few months.

•  I’ve also been reading a lot of magazines.  (Thank you Stacy!)

•  My skin looks like lizard skin.  How could I have forgotten anesthesia drugs do terrible things to skin?  Have I mentioned I can’t wait to take a shower?  And then massage lots of moisturizing lotions into my lizard skin?

•  On the positive side, I think the pain is LESS today.  Of course, I won’t be sure until I actually try to move ….

•  Yes, technically I’m still on Weight Watchers.  I didn’t go to a meeting this week, of course.  I know I’ve lost more weight, but I’m not sure exactly how much.  I haven’t had much of an appetite since the surgery.  I’m trying to get lots of healthy nutrients in my body via green smoothies while I’m recovering.  (I’m drinking one green smoothie per day whether I’m hungry or not.)

•  I think I’d be in better spirits if I got out of the house, but let’s be honest – where could I go without a shower??

•  Sigh!

5 Responses to “Three Days After – Randomness”

  1. Diane

    You poor girl… it’s going to take time to heal and regain your energy again. French baths in the sink are just not the same as a full blown shower. I get it. Take things day by day. It’s okay to be slow and smell stinky after surgery. LOL

  2. Erica

    I tried a supplement with raspberry ketones for a few days before realizing I was having an allergic reaction. Itching, swelling, and it felt like I was getting a cold. I should have looked up the possible side effects sooner. Now I’m wary of trying any natural supplements at all.

    Hang in there.

    • Suzanne

      It doesn’t surprise me. There is so much strange stuff out there … and I really don’t believe there’s any magic pill.

      • Erica

        It would have been great to be able to eat anything I felt like though. 🙂


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