Two Weeks Post Surgery

I have a lot going on this week.

A photographer friend from San Francisco is in town visiting.

He wants to learn how to take filtered long exposures and see a little of Orange County at the same time.

I’m honored to be his host.

It will be fun, even though I have to take things slower than normal while he’s visiting.

Miss Kay will be joining us on shoots today and tomorrow.

She is, in all seriousness, my right hand (and arm and shoulder).

I’m now two weeks post Surgery #9.

The good news is – I feel SO much better than I did a week ago.

The bad news is – my abdominal surgical area is still amazingly sore.

I don’t think I realized ahead of time how much my abs would hurt … or how long the soreness would last.

For “normal” life the abdominal pain is what it is, but when I’m shooting I walk/climb/stoop/squat/jump a lot.

My body isn’t healed enough to do that yet.

More good news – I’m able to do most of my normal daily “stuff” again.

Not-so-good-news   …

My body is quick to let me know when I’ve done too much.

The positive thing about having so many surgeries behind me,

I know all of the above is normal.

Two steps forward – one step back.

It’s what happens post-surgery.

The scary thing looming in my future is physical therapy.

You’d think, after all these years of PT, nothing about it could be scary.

But, it’s more intimidating this time around because I know how difficult it has been in the past.

Bad PT memories, anyone?

Right now, physical therapy is relatively gentle because  I’m still early in the healing process.

But …

It won’t be that way a few weeks from now.

Even though I have a chunk of fear/apprehension/dread bouncing around my soul …

I tell myself it will be FINE.

Because I know it will be.

I’m a strong person, and I can do it again.


It will be different this time.

Paul Newman really “gets” why my body (arm/shoulder/chest/neck/upper back) is the way it is.

No one else ever has.

I’m a very complicated post-car-accident-nine-surgery mess

It’s taken six and a half years for someone to figure me out.

For me, knowing someone understands WHY I’m so f*cked up, substantially lessens my frustration.

He isn’t asking me to do things I can’t do because he understands why I can’t do them.

It sounds so simple,

But trust me — it isn’t.

Paul Newman and I are also compatible for PT personality-wise.

He has a very good instinct for managing … me.

Of course, what could ever be difficult about ME???

(Ahem …!)

I can do this.

I just need to stay focused on how much better I’ll be six months down the road ….

8 Responses to “Two Weeks Post Surgery”

  1. karen

    So glad to hear you’re getting back to regular life and feeling some relief. Also, having a great PT will make your whole life alot easier, good for you.

    • Suzanne

      I’m happy to getting back to a sense of normalcy too …
      And Paul Newman is a big help!

  2. Erica

    In six months you’ll have a beachy summer to photograph and a robustly healing body to do it with. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Abdominal surgeries are absolutely the worst kind to recuperate from – I’m not at all surprised you’re still tender/sore/having to take things slowly. But, also – two weeks! And you’re almost back to all of your normal “daily” routines? I’d call that a win in the 9th Surgery Recovery department.

    Big hugs and much love to you, girl.

    • Suzanne

      Well, I might have exaggerated a little?
      But, I am doing very well.
      And yes, the abs part is the hardest part … it sucks.

  4. Kathy

    So glad that surgery is behind you. Your posts about PT really make me wonder what actually goes on during PT. maybe some day you could write a post describing what you and Paul Newman do during your time together? 🙂

    • Suzanne

      LOL – it would be a pretty boring post.
      I am very grateful for all his help though …
      He has been a blessing.


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