Behind The Scenes

I thought I’d share a little of the randomness going on in my life right now.

I seem to be FULL of random.

•  You may have noticed I’ve been sharing a lot of Newport Beach photos.  I frequently take my camera to PT with me and stop to take a few shots before and/or after.

Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

•  I’m SO excited for next weekend’s trip to Arizona.  I’ll be participating in a photo event with a ton of photographers I admire (and enjoy personally).  I’ll also be having a “sleepover” with several photographer friends at a hotel for a few days.  The sleepover will involve very little sleep.  Instead, we will be shooting various spots in the Phoenix area – pretty much 24 hours a day.

•  ALSO – My parents are currently visiting friends in Arizona.  I’m going to steal away to spend a few non-shooting hours with them.  Yay!!

•  Let’s be honest, I also have some fear about my Arizona trip.  I’m concerned about my arm.  It will be my first intense, prolonged, shooting since Surgery #9.  I know it won’t be easy.  I can do it, right?

•  Speaking of pain ….

•  Paul Newman’s PT business is moving to a new office in the next month.  (He’ll still be in Newport Beach.)  I’m very excited to currently be working on some big, beautiful, original, art work for his new location.  I prefer to showcase my photography on metal because the finished product looks stunning.  I was so happy to hear Paul Newman loves the look of metal prints as much as I do.  (When the project is complete, I’ll snap a photo and share the results.)

•  The Grammy’s, the State of the Union address, the ongoing Southern California police drama with Chris Dorner – there seems to be a lot of news-y stuff going on lately.

•  I have my “phone date” with my long lost friend this afternoon.  I am SO excited!

•  We have over 12,000 members now in the G+ Beach Photographers Community.  As the “owner” of the community, I’m tremendously excited by our rapid growth.  Most of our members are not professional photographers.  If you have beach photos to share, or just an interest in viewing pretty beaches around the world, I’d love for you to join us.  The Beach Photographers Community is open to everyone.  (Miss Kay has joined us as a moderator!)

•  Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!  Due to conflicting travel schedules with Briefcase, I have no plans.  Do you?

•  Speaking of sex, I’ve decided I “need” to do some sort of sensual/sexy self portrait.  Yes, really.

•  Is it possible for me to be sexy?  I might have to change out of my sweats.  (And no, I’m not talking about a nekkid photo.)

•  Like all photography, it will be all about lighting.  (Even more so because I’m OLD!)  I need to find a good location …. any suggestions?

•  In mid-March, I’ll be spending a few days in the Palm Springs area for four days.  It’s a work trip.  I’ll be shooting several locations/activities out in the desert.  If you live in the area, and would like to connect, let me know.  I’ll be joined by Miss Kay.

•  I’ve nicknamed one of my fellow PT patients The Desperate Housewife.  And that’s all I’m going to say about THAT.

•  What is it with me?  Why does my brain “nickname” everyone?  Do you do that too?  Or is it just ME?

2 Responses to “Behind The Scenes”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Beloved actually made dinner reservations at a nice restaurant downtown – he usually leaves that kind of thing to me. Well, as nice as you can get in Podunk, Ohio (and as nice as you can get with a place that refuses to put a gluten-free dessert on the menu, no matter how often I beg them). But, hey – it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, so I’ll take it.

    I hope you have a lovely time in Arizona; I know you’re not taking Miss Kay, so accept any and all offers from anyone willing to help you tote your gear around, okay?

  2. Twenty Four

    I hope you have a nice night out, Jan.
    I think the photogs I will be will be way too busy shooting to haul my gear! : )


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