Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Heart Bokeh @ SHaggerty 2013 W-1

I managed to hold off real life for a few weeks post-surgery, but I’m crazy busy again.

(Can someone please clean and pack all my gear for me?  Also – clothes.  I might need some clothes while I’m in Arizona?)

The highlight of my week was talking to Ben, my long lost friend, yesterday.

Honestly, hearing his voice after all these years was like a big hug sent over the airwaves.

(Do cell phones use air waves?  Or magical fairy dust?)

Hearing about Ben’s life made me happy, and sad, and happy again.

We talked about our families and some of the events in our lives since we last saw each other.

We also talked about a few of our memories from years ago.

(Some of those memories involved tequila??)

Ben said he remembers I could “walk forever” on the beach.

I told him that hasn’t changed one bit.

(We shared a lot of very long walks, and very long talks, on Santa Barbara beaches.)

We’ve made tentative plans to see each other toward the beginning of March.

Maybe I’ll be able to talk him into a photo of the two of us?

I thought Ben was “lost” forever.

I’m so glad I found him.

Life is crazy and so unexpected.

I’m pretty sure that’s what makes it fun ….

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    • Suzanne

      He has more of those memories than I do. My tequila memories are much more … nonexistent than his. Ha! : )


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