Chemical Peel Day #4

I can’t believe I’m posting really TERRIBLE photos of myself on the Internet.

(And at the same time, trying NOT to leave my house so no one sees me!)

Ironic, much?

So …

On Chemical Peel Day #4 I’m happy to report I’ve shed a fair amount of skin – which is the whole point, right?

My face is still BRIGHT RED.

You can see me coming from a mile away.

(I had tickets to Wicked on Saturday night.  I went.  I was embarrassed.  I am too peel-y to wear makeup so I couldn’t disguise my face.  Instead, I tried to hide my face – a difficult thing to do.  It was an awesome show, but it has really been my only public outing since the peel.)

I’m very splotchy (spotted?)  … some areas have peeled and some have not.

And no, I haven’t attempted any makeup or photoshop on these iPhone photos I’m sharing.

Chemical Peel Day #4 @ SHaggerty 2013 W-1

Splotchy, wrinkled, burned face:  Day #4

The areas that initially blistered are “rawer” red than other areas of my face.

I hope that doesn’t mean I end up with “uneven” coloring once this is all done.

(That’s my biggest concern – the blistered areas peeled much deeper than the rest of my face.)

What do I dislike most about this post-peel thing today?

My eyes are SO puffy … I feel like my face is very distorted.

(You can see in the above photos – I’m swollen from the inner corners of my eyes out.  I look like a monster??)

Of course, it makes sense to have swelling with any type of burn.

I just hadn’t thought about that aspect pre-peel.

Also, I look ancient because my skin is dry and pulled every which way.

But …?

On the positive side, as more and more skin “sheds” I become much more comfortable.

My face felt uncomfortably “tight” yesterday, and much less so today.

I have learned a few things through this process:

1)  Everyone’s body reacts differently to a peel – my process is not necessarily your process.

2)  The person who told me ahead of time “it’s just like a sunburn” was WRONG.  It is (at least, for me) much, much,  MORE.

3)  Saying there is “no down time” with a chemical peel is incorrect.  I don’t feel like I can go out in public so I’m definitely having “forced” down time.  If you’re considering one, I’d suggest doing it at a time when you can “hide” for up to a week post-peel.  (Maybe right before a big blizzard or something?)  I think it’s important to have accurate expectations going into something like this.  Maybe your process will be easier, but it’s better to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised rather than vice versa.

4)  Cerave Lotion feels better on my face than any of the post-peel lotions/potions I was provided with.  (Thank you to a reader for suggesting it!)  It’s my favorite day-to-day moisturizing lotion anyway.  My dermatologist recommended it years ago.  I hadn’t thought to use it on my chemical peeled face … but it is VERY soothing.  Yay!

5)  Showers are key.  I’ve been taking two showers a day.  Letting cool water flow over my face feels good and helps remove some of the dried/dead skin.

I don’t think I would have ever done a chemical peel if I hadn’t won one in a raffle.  It just wouldn’t have occurred to me.

I definitely didn’t know what I was getting into when I showed up to get it done.


I am starting to see why my skin *might* end up with a pretty result.

Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised and start looking “normal” soon?

Right now, based on the swelling, redness, and splotchiness –

I think I’m going to be pretty ugly for at least a couple weeks.

Today, however, I have to get back to my “real” life.

That means, being out in public.

Ugly or not, here I come!!

7 Responses to “Chemical Peel Day #4”

  1. karen

    HOly crap. You know, I just don’t see how this can be good for you. Even if the results eventually leave you with more youthful skin. This is pure trauma to your face, chemical trauma. I don’t mean to sound so negative, but jeez. I’m thinking a much gentler facial exfoliation scrub or mud mask or both now and then would be a better option.

    Thank you for sharing this experience, I’m like you… it’s not something I would seek out on my own. And now I’ll never try it.

    PS…. even with your chemical peel reaction, you’re easy to look you don’t need the makeup. So, go live your life.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      I feel pretty hideous looking right now.
      It is definitely much MORE severe than I had any idea. Chemical peels have been around for thousands of years though and apparently ARE good for your skin. I know, it’s hard to believe, but supposedly it’s true …! They even get rid of pre-cancerous skin cells –
      : )

  2. Denise

    Suzanne, I cannot believe you did this when you really didn’t need it. I appreciate how brave you are, but that looks pretty severe when maybe all you had were a few wrinkles? I suppose you have to stay out of the sun while it’s healing so hopefully you have a nice big hat. Girl, don’t go messing with your pretty face, okay? Okay.

    • Suzanne

      I think the “ideal” candidate is probably someone with a lot of sunspots. I didn’t have that, but my skin hasn’t been looking great the last year or two. We’ll see if this makes a difference once it’s all done. I do have to stay out of the sun, which is hard with my lifestyle. I will be out some today with a big hat and a LOT of sunscreen! : )
      I don’t have any intention of doing anything else with to myself.
      (I hadn’t intended to even do this until I won the raffle!))

  3. Erica

    You do not look like a monster. Today it looks more like sunburn and your blonde hair and big eyes are still working as hard as they can for you.

    • Suzanne

      Now, that’s looking on the positive side! : )
      Hopefully each day will get better?

  4. joanne

    the first thing I noticed was that you looked (a little more than slightly) pissed. and then red and dry. Dont worry, when the scabs fall off, you’ll be GORGEOUS!


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