Long Lost Friends – Found Again!

I have a fairly public life.

It’s hard to hide when you work on (via?) the Internet.

There are good, and bad, things about being “out there” publicly.

For instance, I think every guy I’ve ever dated probably knows at least a little about my current life.

(Sometimes that’s FINE, and sometimes it’s just weird.)

Every medical professional who has treated me since the accident,

And there have been a hell of a lot of them in various capacities,

Seems to keep tabs on my arm/shoulder/pain progress and setbacks.

I write about my life, but I dare not really write about my life because there could/would be unknown (and unpleasant) repurcussions.

Over the weekend, I turned the tide, and I was the one “finding” a long lost friend.

And yes, it was on Facebook … because how cliche!

I have always (my entire life) had mainly male friends.

When I was in college, my college boyfriend had a roommate I’ll call Ben.

Ben and I became good friends.

I haven’t seen Ben since college.

I’ve thought of Ben innumerable times.

I was attached to Ben.

I’ve missed Ben.

I don’t know why Ben and I didn’t stay in touch.

Several years ago, I even tried to find Ben – to no avail.

I’m not sure what prompted me to try again,

But all of a sudden – there was Ben’s, slightly older, face looking back at me via Faceback.

“Is it really YOU?” I messaged him.

“How many could there be?” he asked in return.

A flurry of messages followed.

We have a “phone date” set up for Wednesday afternoon.

I’m SO happy about finding Ben, it’s ridiculous.

I can’t wait to hear about his life,

The people he loves,

The journey he’s been on.

Life is such a fun, amazing, adventure.

Have you ever “found” a friend years after he/she disappeared out of your life?

4 Responses to “Long Lost Friends – Found Again!”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    In my opinion, the only thing Facebook is good for (besides promoting my blog, of course) is finding and catching up with old “lost” friends. The best example of that is a guy I had a MAD crush on my freshman and sophomore years in high school, that I thought didn’t know I existed. HE found ME, though, and turned out to be a really nice man – I’ve enjoyed being friends with him on Facebook.

    • Suzanne

      There really aren’t many people from my past I’ve wanted to reconnect with. For that reason, I guess I’ve never appreciated that aspect of Facebook before …. but this is nice! : )

  2. Jane

    I had lost track of a girlfriend from high school and college. In 2008, we reconnected on FB and in 2009, we took a vacation together to the Outer Banks (North Carolina) and then drove to our old hometown to see our respective families. Ever since, we talk on the phone once a week! She lives in Kansas City and I live in Salt Lake City.


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