On A Jet Plane

I’m in Arizona today –

I’ll be away for four days.

If I get the chance, I’ll try to post a photo or two of what I’m doing/shooting in Arizona.

I’m really looking forward to hanging out with some of my photographer friends for a few days.

Yesterday, Paul Newman worked on me.

Hopefully, that means I’ll have good arm movement for this trip.

He also told me pretty much everything I do body-mechanics-wise is wrong.

My awkward body movements come from six and a half years of having a not-working body.

I’ve come up with my own ways to compensate and get things done.

Paul Newman disapproves of all of it.

As an example, apparently I put coats and sweaters on wrong.

(He watches me when I don’t know he’s watching me. ┬áIt kind of creeped me out at first.)

He makes me take off the jacket/sweater/whatever I put on wrong and do it over.

I give him the blink-blink blank stare and ask, “What did I do wrong?”

Eventually, hopefully, I’ll move the right way without having to concentrate so hard on it.

I also stick my stomach out as far as possible and lean all weirdy-sideways-backwards when I shoot photos.

I do this in an effort to balance my arm against my body and not use it to lift the camera.

That’s, apparently, a really bad thing to do.

I know he’s right.

My stomach has learned to “lean out” all the time.

It’s not the sexiest of looks.


It’s going to take time ….

I don’t even know when I’m doing things “wrong,”

Or what the right movement is.

On the other hand –

Compared to where I was a year (or six) ago,

I’ve come a long way,

Even if I’ve gotten this far by moving all wrong.

4 Responses to “On A Jet Plane”

  1. Erica

    Only time will tell, but it sounds like Paul Newman is excellent at what he does.

    Have fun in Arizona!

  2. joanne

    Jeeze, girl! I had heard of people “to dumb to dress themselves” but I never knew one. Nice to meet ya….. I’m too dumb to come in out of the rain., we should exchange notes!


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