The Good and Bad About Me

I recently saw an article where the author listed 100 things he liked about himself.

Seriously, it would take me years to come up with a list of 100 ANY-things.

But, it did make me start thinking about qualities about myself I like.

It also made me think about things I need to work on.


There’s always so many areas for personal improvement, aren’t there?

Five Things I’m WORKING ON  (areas for improvement!)

•  I think I’m smarter than you.  Yes, I really do.  Well, maybe not YOU – but I’m definitely smarter than THEM.  You know, the not-so-smart-ones.  They bug me. 

•  Patience.  I have some patience for the world (not a lot).  I have none for myself.  Why do I STILL have so many areas of myself to improve on, for example?

•  I’m a perfectionist (in a bad way) … but not with everything.  The things I’m a perfectionist about, however, I expect to be damn perfect.  Most of the time, I’m much harder on myself than I am on the rest of the world.  For instance, the minute I publish a photo I think of the many ways I could have improved it.  It is never good enough.  Also, if I’m going to give 200% to something, I expect you to at least give 90%.  I’m a big believer in taking pride in the things you choose to do.  Half ass just isn’t acceptable.

•  I don’t have much of a mouth filter.  If it crosses my mind, it often comes out of my mouth.  Snickering at a sexual innuendo only I thought of?  Honest to a fault?  Outspoken about things I believe in?  This is more true if I feel comfortable around you.  Yes, I can be a reserved, responsible, grown-up when I try.  (And, I’m actually very shy in group settings and with people I don’t know.)  There’s a positive side to my “openness”  –  you always know where you stand with me.  My honesty may startle you, but I’m never fake.

•  I don’t know who the fat girl is, but I think she might be me?  How did that happen?  I was in such great shape when I had the car accident.  I *tried* to stay fit through the first couple years and the first few surgeries.  Then there were evil fat inducing drugs and more, and more, and MORE surgeries, and even more fat inducing drugs …. and suddenly I’m this out of shape person I don’t want to see in the mirror.  It feels kind of hopeless.  How can a body get SO BAD?  And yes, I’m working on it … but I also feel angry at myself for letting this part of my life fall apart.  There’s so much wrong with my physical body – sometimes it feels overwhelming.

Things I LIKE About Myself

•  I’m unwaveringly loyal to the people I take into my heart.  I don’t let many people into my “real” life, but the people I care about have a friend for life.  I will be there for my friends (even years down the road) when they need me.  Always.

•  I’m passionate … about the things I love – and life, in general.  I think I always have been, but the car accident magnified this characteristic.  I feel very intensely.

•  I’m extremely intuitive.  Are you unsure about the person you’re thinking of hiring/dating?  Give me a couple minutes in their presence, and chances are I’ll have an accurate read on them.  I’m a bit of a loner, so it’s an odd trait for me to have – but it definitely comes in handy.

•  I have a really good memory.  In fact, I can tell you the phone numbers of repair people I used once ten years ago.  Of course, not everything stays locked in my memory.  Still, it’s a little uncanny sometimes – what miscellaneous facts have been stored away in my brain.  Now, if I could only clear out some of the memories I don’t want to have ….

•  I’m creative.  I think differently than “most” people.  (That’s probably apparent in my writing.)  I see the world differently too.  (I hope that’s apparent in my photography.)  When I was a kid, it bothered me.  As an adult, it’s one of the things I value most about myself.

Wow …

It was a lot harder to come up with things I like about myself than things I’m trying to improve.

OK, let’s see how many people are willing to list at least TWO things they really LIKE about themselves in today’s comments.

It’s harder than you’d think ….!

11 Responses to “The Good and Bad About Me”

  1. joanne

    gosh I could have made the same list. I wondered why I feel such a connection to you! well, all except for the memory part. Good about obscure trivial STUFF, but never have any idea where I laid my keys down or where I put the thing I wanted to “put someplace safe so I dont lose it”

    • Suzanne

      Yes, well – there are some things I’d prefer to forget!
      (Although, knowing where my keys are is always helpful!)
      : )

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    You know, I look at this list and think how true the things are that you like about yourself, and about how the things you feel need improvement aren’t so bad. That makes you a lovely human being in my not-so-humble opinion.

    • Suzanne

      You’re very NICE, Jan.
      My husband probably doesn’t find my faults as tolerable as you do!
      : )

  3. Denise

    I think that’s a great thing to do, so here’s my two. I believe I am a kind and good person, at heart and in the way I live my life. I have a positive attitude about how things will work out in life.
    I also remember numbers….isn’t that strange? My grandma was like that so I guess I got that from her.

    • Suzanne

      It’s nice to “know” another person who remembers numbers.
      (Although, math was never a strong point for me!)
      I think you’re a kind and good person too!
      : )

  4. Shawna

    I like…
    I like……
    Well jeez, I really thought that was gonna be easier…
    I like where I’m heading with my camera. I like the world I see through it. Does that count?
    I like how quickly I can put a total stranger at ease and find a way to connect with them. It’s my strongest tool both in my job as a project manager and a budding photographer.

    • Suzanne

      It’s hard, isn’t it?
      I really struggled with my “like” list …
      Although, my list of areas for improvement could have been endless.
      I envy your ability with strangers …
      I tend to be really shy with people I don’t know and I wish I wasn’t!

  5. Erica

    You didn’t realize you had to work on things like NOT carrying heavy metal prints until someone else said so. I think it would be a good exercise to ask other people what your good points are as well. I’m asking those closest to me for three.

    Do that and tell us what they say.

    • Suzanne

      I asked my son …
      And he couldn’t think of one thing.
      He said it “felt like a test” to have to answer a question!
      Ha! : )

      • Erica

        I asked my boyfriend for three good points since that sounded like a decent number and he’s with me on vacation. He said I’m smart, sexy and I love him. I’m pretty sure he thinks the first two because of the third, so, almost a waste of time. 🙂 Nice to hear though.


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