The Strangest Week Ever?

I have the weirdest life.

I know I must be feeling better because I’m able to notice how not-normal my life is.

Here’s a random update of some of the things that are happening (or going through my head):

•  I’ve ignored multiple marriage proposals this week.  Yes, men I’ve never met send me proposals via the Internet.  (This is the exciting life of a photographer/blogger?)

•  My son has been accepted to several colleges.  He isn’t sure where he wants to go yet.  I’ll be scheduling some college-visits with him soon.  Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to meet some of you along the way?

•  Almost everyone I know is sick, but I’m not.  (Yay!!)

•  Miss Kay is one of the many sick people and it makes me sad.  It’s amazing how quickly she’s become a part of my life.  Was their life before Miss Kay?  How did I ever manage?

•  My son has been home from school (also sick) for a couple days now.  I made him homemade chicken soup last night.  If Miss Kay lived closer, I would have taken her some.

•  If I catch my son’s germs I will disown him.

•  Aren’t I the greatest mom ever?

•  I absolutely can’t get sick because  1)  It wouldn’t be fair since I haven’t fully recovered from Surgery #9  and  2)  I have a Big Trip coming up.

•  Big Trip  =  I will be in Arizona shooting for 4 full (very long!) days beginning Friday, February 15th.

•  Miss Kay is unable to join me in Arizona.  And yes, I’m a little concerned about so much unassisted shooting post-surgery.  It will be a challenge.

•  I will be packing a suitcase full of pain meds??

•  If you live in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe area, and want to connect with me while I’m visiting, send me an email and let me know.  It’s going to be a very action-packed four days, but there’s always time to connect with readers.

•  Yesterday, Paul Newman caught me in his office chatting to several of his employees.  (I had brought in a couple of my metal prints and I was very innocently putting them in his office.  It’s completely not my fault all his employees followed me.)  When I first saw him scowling at me, I thought he might be mad because so many of his employees were in his office with me.  But, the first thing he said to me was, “Did you carry that?” while pointing at a sort-of-large metal print.  I scampered right out of his office into the exam room I belonged in.

•  OK yes, I did carry the metal prints but I used my left arm for 99% of the carrying.  Also, a really nice man in the parking lot saw me awkwardly trying to lift the print box and he helped me get it all the way from the parking lot into the elevator.

•  Paul Newman was acting like Dexter yesterday.  Purposefully.  Apparently, he didn’t mind being compared to a serial killer in my post the other day.  He thinks I’m “entertaining.”

•  I’m trying to make myself look better this week.  What I mean is, I’m about to go to Arizona with some of the world’s top photographers and I know what they’re like.  They take photos of the people they’re with all the time.  (Why do photographers DO that?)

•  In preparation for having my photo taken when I don’t know it’s being taken …  I tried using teeth whitener stuff yesterday.  Guess what?  It made my teeth feel like they want to scream.  Yes, it really did.  But I have SUCH a pretty smile now.  How much do you want to bet, one of my photog friends will take a shot of me right when I have my mouth full of food?  My screaming white teeth won’t even matter.  (Also?  Teeth whitener stuff is very gaggy!)

•  I wish they made wrinkle remover for faces, not just for clothes.

•  Oh wait, I think they do.  It’s called photoshop.

8 Responses to “The Strangest Week Ever?”

  1. Diane

    My braces are coming off today and I need to do a whitener. What brand did you use and was it affordable. The dentist charges sooooo much for that process so want to try to do it myself.

    • Suzanne

      I used a brand my dentist sells called “Zoom.” I have trays from Invisalign so I didn’t need to purchase trays. I think I left it on too long though because it made my teeth hyper-sensitive.

      • Diane

        I’ve heard they can get hyper-sensitive if you leave it on too long or do it too often. I have some of those dental strips by Colgate I believe and thought I might try that. I was at a home show a few weeks ago and there was a company there actually doing whitening treatments right there on the spot for $69.00 Had I not still had my braces on I might have tried it. They sell ‘do it yourself’ kits online too but for a bit more $$. I’ll figure something out… Thanks for your input.

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Okay, this whole post made me laugh like only you can. So, just what does Briefcase say about the multiple marriage proposals??

    • Suzanne

      Oh, Briefcase doesn’t care.
      He might be kind of relieved if I took someone up on it?
      But seriously, I don’t usually tell him stuff like that.
      I think he knows I wouldn’t run off with a random stranger though! : )

    • Suzanne

      Now, that would be a good idea.
      However, I’m going to be shooting for about 20 hours per day over there. I don’t know many people who would subject themselves to such abuse …!
      : )

      • Kathy

        At least part time would be better than doing it all yourself. I hope someone volunteers!


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