The Wild, Wild, West

I had so much fun on my trip to Arizona.

There was a photography event (Wild West Photowalk 2013) planned for Saturday afternoon.

Photographers drove and flew in from various states to attend.

I arrived on Friday.

Jonathan Goody, Thomas Hawk and I spent most of our non-photowalk time together doing even more shooting.

(Because there is never enough photography time, right?)

We make for a pretty good (fun) trio.

In fact, all the photographers I spent time with were a lot of fun.

One of the highlights was visiting a famous biker bar in Cave Creek called The Hideaway.

There were so many interesting people to photograph.

Biker Dog @ SHaggerty 2013 W-1

Bikers need love too … and the biker pictured above really loves his dog.

People were so friendly, warm, and open to chatting at the biker bar.

By late afternoon we had moved on to a new location – Bartlett Lake.

When we first arrived, the light wasn’t great.

That didn’t stop most of us from shooting anyway.

However, apparently, our earlier activities had worn Thomas Hawk out.

Thomas Hawk Asleep @ SHaggerty 2013 W-1

I love this photo of him.


Because the man never stops.

I can’t believe he actually stayed in one spot for a few minutes, let alone fell asleep.

Of course, while he was taking a short nap, the rest of us entertained ourselves.

Roma G in Pink @ SHaggerty 2013 W-1

Roma must have been drinking?

Photographers …

They’re always fun to hang out with.

4 Responses to “The Wild, Wild, West”

  1. Stephen

    Suzanne, this post evoked a few memories. Once upon a long time ago, I was attending ASU. I had a hot ski boat and we often went to Bartlett Lake. As a matter of fact, the first time I ever witnessed other people making love, live, in person, was at Bartlett. We got a late start, and by the time we got to Cave Creek, we decided to stop and inbibe a few. There was this joint, Harrolds, that at the time was the “go to” Cave Creek spot and we whipped in for a few brews. We were surprised that he had a real, live African Lion in a cage out back. Anyway, we got to the lake, a little buzzed, and it wasn’t long till my best bud, Tommy, and his gal started making funny noises in the back of the boat. I was driving, and the gal I was with was beside me, looking forward. And in the back, Tommy and his gal were just going at it. Full on Whoopee. I was shocked. And mesmerized. I told my gal, “do you know what they are doing?” and she said, “yes, and I’ll never do that.” Buzzkill. I have so many Bartlett memories that this post conjured up. And Cave Creek memories as well. Just as a tease, I will tell you that I once, while young, toned, and tan, danced naked on a bar in Cave Creek. 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Ha ha!
      Well …. I bet you have a lot of fun stories to share!
      I know I sure had a lot of fun visiting Arizona. : )


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