Things I Learned This Week

Things I Learned This Week:

 Never try to pick up dog shit in the dark.

•  It’s not a good idea to read articles about serial killers (who have never been caught) right before going to bed.  (Los Angeles Magazine)

•  Even a young orange tree will provide more oranges than you can eat.

•  Some people buy toenail fungus removal services from Groupon???  Really?

•  When you return from several days of “living” with your photography friends, you’ll miss the craziness of having them around.

•  As soon as you start thinking you really *need* a PT appointment, your physical therapist will make you regret it by doing inhuman things to you.  (Ouch!)

•  Life is full or all sorts of unexpected STUFF.  Some of it is terrible, some of it’s disappointing, and some of it is absolutely delightful.

•  Posting chemical peel photos of my face on the Internet will mean —

1.  My dad will call from out of state just to ask, “How’s your face?”  (I replied, “Ugly.”  He laughed.)

2.  My ex-boyfriend from college will send a one line email saying, “Your face looks bad.”  (Always good for a girls ego??)

3.  My chemical peel aesthetician will text me insisting I come visit her so she can see my face in person.

4.  Paul Newman will stare at me for a minute or two and then say, slowly, “It’s not that bad.”  (Then he’ll turn the lights down in the room.)

5.  My son will come home from school, stare at me, and say, “You don’t look as scary today, Mom.”

2 Responses to “Things I Learned This Week”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Have you gone to visit your “chemical peel aesthetician” (only in Orange County!!) to get her professional opinion of how it’s going? Still a little worried about ya, kiddo…

    • Suzanne

      I haven’t had a chance, but I’m fine.
      I’m hoping to see her Friday if I can move my schedule around …..


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