College Visits

I’m in Los Angeles today making a college visit or two with my (high school senior!) son.

I can’t believe my “baby” is almost ready for college.

Why is it my kids are getting older and I’m not?

I’m sure I’ll take a photo or two while we’re out and about,

But (of course) the day is more about campus information gathering than photography.

He’ll need to make a decision/commitment to a college soon.

We have a whirlwind of college-visit-travel planned over the next two weeks.

(Thank goodness for frequent flyer miles!)

The whole pick-a-college-process is (so) long and complicated.

In state or out of state?

Has the school offered a scholarship?  Partial?  Full?  Or none whatsoever?

What is the campus life like?

Does the college have a high job placement rate upon graduation?

And blah, blah, blah!!

It gets mind boggling.

A few weeks ago, I took this photo while I was in L.A.:

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It was taken from Griffith Park Observatory.

I have an emotional attachment to Griffith Park.

When I was a kid, my family would sometimes go hiking there.

One of my first “real” dates was going to a combined music/star event at the Observatory.

Sheesh …. it makes me feel really old to think how long ago that was.

(At least a couple years!!)

If traffic isn’t too bad today, maybe we’ll have some spare time for sight seeing.

And yes, I AM freaking out about this whole day.

How is it possible he’s only six months away from college???

2 Responses to “College Visits”

  1. Editdebs

    I hear ya! My son is a senior also. I’m not sure how we’ll deal with him going away, he’s an only child. But deal we must! I think he’ll only be one and a half hours away, so that’s not too bad. I will survive this. I will survive this. I will survive this. (Cue tissue handler to proffer tissues to sobbing mother.)

  2. Suzanne

    This is my third kid to go away and it doesn’t feel one bit easier. : (


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