Yesterday, I got a shot in the ass and followed it up with a Percocet chaser.

A few weeks ago I had visions of never having a “bad” pain flare-up again.

I’ve improved so much in recent months, I really thought I was (sort of)  (finally)  in control of my “chronic pain.”

•  As long as I don’t shoot too much.

•  And as long as I don’t try to do any of the things I “shouldn’t” do.

•  And as long as I see Paul Newman regularly.

(Someone needs to clone that man and put one of him in every pain patient’s home.)

Pain (my pain, that is) never goes away, but I had somehow convinced myself I finally had it “controlled.”

Some days being better.

Some days being worse.

I really HAVE been doing so much better at managing it.

I guess I need to remind myself, I’m only 7 weeks post-surgery.

No one promised (or expected) miracles.

Pain is a living entity and has a mind of its own.

Even though my brain knows I’ve made a lot of improvements in recent months …

It’s hard to FEEL like I have when my pain flares up to a certain ugly level.

It’s very emotionally/psychologically defeating when it gets out of control.

So yesterday, I got a shot in the ass.

It should calm down some of the inflammation.

I’ll be feeling better (hopefully) any minute.

All progress involves an occasional setback, right?

My brain knows it,

But I feel very discouraged.

2 Responses to “Discouraged”

  1. Kathy

    It’s all a learning process, I guess. It’s really frustrating, especially when you think you’ve done everything right. But…whadayagonnado? You can’t beat the pain into submission 🙂

    It’s honestly ok to feel discouraged once in a while. Why not? Feeling guilty about being sad makes it worse. Do I sound like a shrink? Maybe because I’ve been shrunk. It’s helped in learning to (mentally) deal with the pain.

    I hope you feel better soon!!!!


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