Facebook Springs Forward?

Social Media is a necessity for most businesses.

You might already be aware Facebook is changing/updating its format again.

Mark Zuckerberg is rolling out a new format to Facebook users gradually.

I always know when a change is coming, because my friend Thomas Hawk is usually asked to be one of the first to test Everything New social media-wise.

(See what happens when you’re a big, famous, photographer?)

Last night, I logged on to Facebook and my profile suddenly looked different too.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 6.54.37 PM

I know I’ll get used to the new format in no time.

In fact, I’ll probably learn to *love* it.

It seems like Facebook is (once again?) following Google’s lead with a format very similar to G+.

Facebook, however, has a lot of ads and G+ doesn’t (yet).

Facebook ads now appear bigger and more intrusive.

I would like the new format better if the main feed column with “real” posts was a lot bigger,

And if ads and all the other crap was a lot smaller.

Wishful thinking!

Over the last week or two,

I tested out “sponsoring” a Facebook post on two different occasions.

I did this purely out of curiosity.

Have you noticed you can “promote” any post you make to Facebook now?

There’s a little button under your photo/post you can push that says “promote.”

Facebook uses an algorithm to decide how many of your “friends” actually see what you post.

The majority of your “friends” DON’T see what you post.

(Facebook FOLLOWERS, however, do.  Facebook differentiates between friends and followers.)

If you pay Facebook $7.00 to “promote” a post, Facebook “pushes” that post through to a lot more people.

I really have no reason to “promote” anything.

I tried it out because I’m the owner of a curious brain.

My results?

The two posts I “promoted” did seem to reach more people.

I know this, because they got more LIKES at a faster rate than other Facebook posts I’ve made.

However, how many “likes” I get on a photo doesn’t necessarily translate to increased sales.

So, really?

It means nothing.

Could I possibly sell an extra photo or two by promoting my photo posts?


Is it worth it?

At this point, I don’t think so.

It might be if I didn’t have a strong Facebook subscriber base.

(A big thank you, again to Thomas Hawk for giving me/my photography a lot of exposure.)

By the way,

You can tell if someone has “promoted” a Facebook posts because underneath the post it will say “sponsored” if they did.

You might want to consider paying to promote a post:

1.  If you’re a business and you are using your posts as a means of advertising.

2.  If you’re trying to build a new business and want increased exposure.  (Just be careful not to overuse it and risk alienating people to the point of blocking you.)

3.  If you’ve got earth shattering news you really want a lot of your Facebook friends to see/read/know about.

I might be wrong,

But personally, I don’t think Facebook is going to make a lot of money with their “pay to promote” campaign.

As for the new format on my Facebook “page,”

I’m still undecided.

Do you have the new format yet?

And if so, do you like it or not?

2 Responses to “Facebook Springs Forward?”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I haven’t seen the new Facebook format, although I’ve been privy to the new Pinterest format for a couple of weeks (you get to use it first if you have a “verified” website). I’ll hop over and give your profile a gander here in a bit; I’m admittedly curious.

    I never promote my personal FB posts, but I do run ads for the recipes I post on my blog’s Facebook page. It has increased my traffic unbelievably and since I run sponsored ads on the blog, well, it helps, you know? Also, it looks as if my cookbook will finally be done this summer and it’s nice to have an established channel in which to promote it.

    • Suzanne

      Sigh …
      I was an early adopter of Pinterest, but it just never holds my interest.
      Get it?
      Pinterest – Interest.
      I crack myself up!
      : )


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