It’s On My Mind, And On My Blog

Sheesh I have a lot going on lately!

Here’s a look at my ADD brain:

•  Trip up to L.A. (and back again) today.  It’s going to be a long day/evening/night.

•  OMG there’s yet another woman gushing over Paul Newman!  Does he even SEE it?  I think his whole life consists of women falling all over him.  “I just LOVE you!” she swoons, as I roll my eyes …. yet again.

•  Maybe Paul Newman and I get along so well because I’m not A Paul Newman Swooner?  Yes, A Paul Newman Swooner is a REAL thing.  (Orange County is crawling with them.)

•  Or, more likely, Paul Newman and I share a love for extremely inappropriate humor?

•  And/or he has great appreciation for my “imaginative” brain?

•  I’m feeling better after whatever he did to me yesterday.  Clearly, the man has (ahem) talent?

•  Lunch with Miss Kay!  Lunch with Miss Kay!  Lunch with Miss Kay!

•  Oh, LOOK!  My dream purse!  How many photos would I have to sell …??

•  A Mophie Helium arrived for my phone.  Thank GOD.  Now, I will have GPS in my car rentals.  Even in the middle of the night.  When lost in Arizona.  Not that I would know what it’s like to be lost in the desert at night with a dead phone and no GPS.

•  If you’re going to get lost in Arizona, in the middle of the night, it’s always a good thing to have a couple really drunk photographer friends with you.  Who have no idea where they are.

•  Text to The Torturer:  Do you know Dr. Dick?  Oops!  Auto-correct.  Dick.  I meant Dr. Dickey.  D-E-C-K-E-Y.

•  By the way, did I tell you The Torturer now has a large metal print (of my art) in the foyer of his house?  Life is funny.

•  Planning college visits for my son … how many states/colleges can we visit in four days?  Can you say exhaustion?  And will there be any photography time on these trips?

•  There’s nothing worse than tax time when you own your own business.  Head banging desk ….

•  I need to rent a lens bigger than my body for an upcoming photo trip.  Miss Kay and I have been discussing how many pounds she can lift without hurting herself.  Seriously.

•  Palm Springs/Palm Desert/Indio!!

•  Kite festival!

•  Wedding shower!

•  Son’s birthday!

6 Responses to “It’s On My Mind, And On My Blog”

  1. Michelle

    Wow, you are very busy. Good luck with the college visits. Hope he finds the right one.
    And, how is your face looking? Figure you’ve been too busy to take photos of yourself. 🙂

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I start to twitch just thinking about college these days; I do not envy your trips for that at ALL. Thanks goodness The Young One decided on a college close to home – I don’t think I could survive the tuition for an out-of-state school.

    • Suzanne

      Love my son, but dreading the college visit trip(s).
      And yes, out of state tuition sucks.
      I’m hoping he picks a CA school!

  3. Denise

    If you are coming to the SLO area, don’t delay because the hills are green and with the low rainfall….well, it won’t last forever. And the poppies are starting to show.

    • Suzanne

      Oooh – I hope to make it up there in the next month! : )


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