Life Isn’t Fair, And Other Revelations

Briefcase is named Briefcase because he is always carrying a briefcase.

He travels for work frequently.

For him, traveling means grabbing some cash out of my wallet, throwing a suit or two in his always-ready-to-go bag, and leaving.

That’s it.

Today I leave for a photography trip to the desert.

(The desert is very HOT, by the way.  It was 90F at my house in OC yesterday.  The desert will be 100-ish.)

Yesterday, in preparation for my trip:

•  I cleaned forty bazillion lenses.  They will be dusty the minute I use them out in the desert.

•  I went to a waxing appointment.  OK, this had nothing to do with my trip – it was just my normal-already-scheduled waxing appointment.

•  I spent time at the mall in an effort to find something I could wear while shooting a polo tournament.

•  Yes, you read that correctly.  I have to dress for polo, but still be able to shoot photos (possibly laying on the ground) without flashing my sexy body at anyone.


•  After many doubts, I settled on purchasing clothes which *might* pass the polo test?  I have never been to a polo tournament before.  I’m clueless.

•  I ran to the drugstore to get more sunscreen because I will be in the very hot (!!) sun for the next several days.

•  Pedicure!  I will probably wear sandals at some point.  I didn’t want the claws on my feet to poke/cut/hurt/slay anyone.

•  I went to the bank so I’d have some cash on hand.  What if we split restaurant bills and I need cash?   The world might end?  Are there ATM machines in the desert?  (Yes, yes, there are …!)

•  I stopped at the bagel store for my son.  If all else fails, he knows how to toast a bagel.  He won’t starve???

•  I took the time to pick up new water filters for our refrigerator so no one dies from unfiltered drinking water while I’m gone.  If I didn’t do this, my family would come down with the plague.

•  I got the car washed.  I wanted the beach sand removed before the desert sand gets in it.  There’s a difference.

•  I filled the car with gas, because we all know there are no gas stations on the two hour drive to Palm Springs.  Or when you get there.

•  I mailed my favorite hat to Australia for repairs.  This involved going to the post office, waiting in a long line, and discussing international zip codes with a confused postal employee.  This needed to be done because going to a hot place made me think about hats.  Thinking about hats made me remember my “favorite” hat needs repairs.  And blah, blah, blah  — Type A Personality  —  ADD  —  undiagnosed issues!

•  I got groceries so my family doesn’t starve to death in my absence.  Because, they might – even with groceries in the house.

•  I visited my optometrist because my (prescription) sunglasses kept falling off my face and needed adjusting.  Badly.  (What if I lost them in the desert?  It might happen!)

•  I stopped and got fresh strawberries for my son because I love him.  And he loves fresh strawberries.

•  I cleaned my house.  It’s against the law to go out of town and leave behind a dirty house.  I’m sure of it.

•  Under threat of death from my husband, I worked on my very frustrating taxes.  Until midnight.  I hate tax time.  Also?  Why do I work so hard?  I’m really beginning to question if it’s worth it.  UGH!  Life is not fair!

•  I didn’t pack.  (I am doing that this morning before/as I leave.)  The nice thing about NOT flying somewhere?  If nothing else, I can just throw stuff in the car and go.  Who says it ever has to make it into some sort of suitcase-type of organization?

•  Packing is very painful for me.  VERY PAINFUL!  I’m pretty sure it’s one of the worst things in life.  (Taxes are WORSE!)

•  I will color calibrate my monitor, backup my laptop, and sync my phone before I go today.  (Doesn’t everyone do that??)

•  I did *not* have time to swing by Paul Newman’s office.  He tells me his/my large, custom ordered, metal print arrived yesterday and that it’s “gorgeous.”  I can’t wait to see it!

6 Responses to “Life Isn’t Fair, And Other Revelations”

  1. TravelSkite

    I hear you, sister. I go away a lot, and EVERY TIME I have to not only leave the house tidy, supplied and spotless, but also attend to various chores that I’ve been happy to have hanging over my head for months, like writing to my foster child or planing the top off the back door where it sticks. Good grief, I’ve even dusted the bathroom ceiling! I think I should just keep my passport in the cupboard with the furniture polish. (Not that there’s any hope at all of the house being still tidy by the time I return, of course; so I have all that cleaning to do again.) But at least if the house is broken into, the burglars won’t be disgusted by my housekeeping standards.

  2. Kathy

    I’m on a train to Portland right now for house hunting trip. . I didn’t get around to packing last night (so not a fan of packing!!)) so I was up at 4am this morning throwing stuff in the suitcase. Not recommended.

    So we’re moving to Portland next month. My house is completely torn up from packing. Hate not coming home to a clean house. But considering I left a couple of teenagers at home it probably won’t make a difference. .

    So have fun on your trip 🙂

    • Suzanne

      I love Portland.
      In fact, I will be in Portland in about two weeks.
      I can’t wait to hear about your move!

  3. Erica

    I can’t feel sorry for someone who feels compelled to send her hat to Austraiia for repairs before a trip that has nothing to do with the hat. I just can’t.

    Be careful when packing and have a great time! 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Pretty sure I have ADD???
      I wanted to pack the hat for the trip, but then ….
      : )


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