Light Painting

Since I’m exhausted from my very long yesterday/evening/night in L.A.,

I thought I’d just share a photo today.

When I was in Arizona, a few of us made time for light painting.

For those of you non-photographer-types,

Light painting is when you leave the shutter of your camera open for a long time while “painting” with light.

The camera records the trail(s) of light.

We did this out in the middle of desert where it was very dark (and cold).

Yes, this really is what  drunk   nerdy  photographers do for fun.

(Normal people go to the movies instead, don’t they?)

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6 Responses to “Light Painting”

    • Suzanne

      Thanks – it’s fun to do and pretty to look at the results! : )

  1. stacy g

    I don’t get it. How does the painting part i.e., all of the lines, happen?

    • Suzanne

      You can “paint” with all sorts of light sources. In the above photo, steel wool was lit on fire and spun around. You can use (with or separately) flashlights, colored lights, firework sparklers, etc.


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