March Madness

I hope you had a nice weekend.

I turned the page on my virtual calendar last Friday, and reality smacked me in the eyeballs.

My month of March is SO booked up.

Doesn’t it seem like time moves at a much faster rate every year that goes by?

Is that a function of getting old(er)?

Sometimes, It Is All About Me

The weekend was busy too.

On Saturday, I was shooting until well after dark.

It was a beautiful day (temps in the mid 80’s), a breathtaking evening, and a gorgeous night.

View of Catalina Island from Newport Beach:  Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

I’ve been trespassing into Pain Flare Up Land over the last week.

Shooting on Saturday pushed me all the way there.

On a positive note,

I really have seen a decrease in the frequency (and severity) of pain flare-ups since Paul Newman entered my life.

He really (really, really!!) is helping me.

Yay for Paul Newman!

(Why do I know at this very moment he’s analyzing my  bad  shooting form when he looks at the above photo?)

Anyway, in spite of my many improvements (ahem),

I’m a long way from having a “normal” arm.  Apparently my body wanted to  freak the hell out  remind me of that fact.

I’m seeing Dr. Painless this afternoon.

He’ll probably give me a shot in the ass.

I hate that.  It makes me feel like I’m two.

Instead of 24.

I should also probably stop shooting for a few days and give my arm a rest.

(Easier said than done.)

On Sunday, I was back and forth to the Lido Village Artisan Market in Newport Beach.

There was a lot of camera time involved …

Just in case my arm needed to be a little more pissed off at me.

Yes, arms do get pissed off at their owners.

I know this, for a fact.

How was YOUR weekend?

Did you do anything fun/new/different/exciting??

4 Responses to “March Madness”

  1. Erica

    Let us know if someone tries to order the All About Me picture.

    • Suzanne

      Nothing would surprise me.
      Although, I put it on my SmugMug page as a photo tracker … not with the intention of selling it! : )

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    LOL @ Erica! I wouldn’t be surprised.

    My weekend was calm and relaxing for a change – Beloved went out of town Saturday, and won’t be home until late this coming Friday. I don’t think I turned the television on once.

    Of course, my house is in dire need of cleaning and that didn’t get done because of all the calm and relaxation, but I call it an even trade-off.

    • Suzanne

      If you decide to clean … would you consider cleaning MY house too?
      : )


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