My Life Journey is Strange, Even to Me

Last night, I met two people for drinks and dinner.

The two people were:

1)  Ben  –  one of my favorite college friends who I recently “found” via Facebook, and

2)  My ex-college boyfriend who was Ben’s roommate when we were in college.  We dated for over five years.  When I found Ben, I emailed Ex-Boyfriend with the exciting news.  Ex-Boyfriend and Ben then ALSO found each other.

My life is not normal.

My life is a journey with so many twists and turns ….

But, most of you have been reading 24 for long enough to know that already.


I haven’t even had a chance yet to check and see if any of our quick photos together turned out.

If they did, I will post one (or more) soon.

Ben and I were (and are) scheduled to meet in about a week.  He has an upcoming business meeting in Orange County so we will connect again when he’s in town.

But …?

When I heard the two men were reuniting for the first time in YEARS, I decided to crash the party.

Which, by the way, was north of Los Angeles – not in Orange County.

The three of us hung out all the time throughout most of college.

It didn’t seem right for the two of them to reunite without me.

Just call me The Party Crasher.

Ben didn’t know I was coming –

I wanted to surprise him.

And yes, he was VERY surprised.

We had the best hug EVER.

It made me so happy to see both of them.

Having the three of us together, after all these years, felt GOOD.

My heart feels so happy.

Some friendships really are forever.

2 Responses to “My Life Journey is Strange, Even to Me”

  1. karen

    WOW. I give you credit. My highschool/college boyfriend of four years and I parted on good terms, but it was heartbreaking. We saw each other again at a 20 year reunion, and it was… awkward. And yes, still a little heartbreaking. My husband would probably feel uncomfortable if I were to meet up with him now, and I know that’s just silly insecurity, but I also know that it would probably dredge up old painful feelings I don’t need in my life anymore.

    You obviously handle this well and with the right frame of mind, how we all should be.

    • Suzanne

      Well, when I first heard from my ex-bf (about 3 years ago) it felt really weird. But, we’ve been in touch for quite awhile now and I think we’ve both gotten used to the idea of being in touch again. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t feel great about it if I were meeting ex-bf for late night drinks, but an occasional get together is fine. Maybe because I’m so old now, he isn’t worried about anybody being interested in wrinkled, sagging, aged me?
      : )


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