A Little of This … A Lot of That

It sure feels nice to be home two days in a row …

So, what’s new with all of you?

•  A big thank you to Nike and Dee for “escorting” a big massive metal print into my house for me during my recent absence.

•  Is there anything cuter than a fluffy, newly clean, dog?

•  Yesterday, I was congratulating myself on how well my arm did without Paul Newman last week.  Then I had an appointment with him and he informed me I was a lot more f*cked up than usual and he “had to” do inappropriate things to me.  I hate when he does that.  (I guess it DOES make a big difference when I don’t seem him as often?)

•  Also?  Is it weird he and I communicate without even talking half the time?  All I do is look at him and he says, “I have to.”  Or, “Sorry.”  Or, “Your shoulder bone is sticking out of your ankle today.”  Then I sigh and we carry on with whatever random, unrelated, probably inappropriate, conversation we’re having.

•  It looks like my son will be heading to Texas for college next fall.  Howdy y’all!

•  Because my son decided on Texas, I will no longer be flying to San Francisco to visit more colleges this week.  I’m very grateful to have a week at home.  (But, I’m sorry I won’t have a chance to see my SF friends for awhile longer.)

•  I had *no* time to take photos when I was in Texas last week.  I will, however, be visiting the state to see my son once he begins college.  I look forward to exploring with my camera when I do.

•  My hair and nails have been growing amazingly fast lately.  Is it the result of some weird mid-life hormone imbalance?  Or what?  Maybe it’s a result of drinking my “green” smoothies?  Let me know if you have wisdom on this mysterious topic.  (Now, if only I would grow an inch or two taller!)

•  Important HAT update!  Some of you teased me about sending my favorite (several years old) hat to Australia for repairs.  I had almost thrown it away.  It was starting to fall apart from years of wear.  Instead, I contacted Helen Kaminsky (the hat company) and they told me to mail it to their headquarters in Australia.  They said they would let me know, after looking at it, if it could be repaired and what it would cost.  I just heard from them.  They apolgised (with an S because that’s how they spell it in Australia) for sending me their Australia company address instead of their U.S. company address.  Then they told me they are sending me an entirely NEW hat from their U.S. offices.  I should be receiving it “very soon.”  I am so thrilled!  My very favorite hat (ever!) is being entirely replaced.  What great customer service.  Kudos to a company for going beyond the call of duty to make their customers happy and forever loyal.  (And no, they have no idea I’m a blogger.)

•  I am going to a wedding this weekend.  I might have to dress like a girl.  Dressing like a girl is always such a big dilemma for me …

•  We are having great beach weather lately.  People are, as always, embracing it.

Mid-Life Crisis @ SHaggerty 2013 W-1

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    • Suzanne

      I know.
      I don’t even own any girl clothes.
      (So much stress!)
      : )


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