First Experience With a Personal Trainer

It seems like “everyone” in Orange County has a personal trainer.

My son, a high school senior, has a personal trainer – an awesome man who was hired to “train” the varsity baseball players.

Yesterday, an enormous man named Caleb (6’5″ tall and around 280 pounds) gave me my first-ever personal training session.

I would not want Caleb to ever get mad at me.

Caleb is huge.

I can’t do any upper body stuff so my session with Caleb involved cardio (a stationary bike for my first day), a leg workout, a butt workout, and some ab work.

Caleb was awesome because he never once laughed at me.  In fact, he was very supportive and very understanding that life sometimes sucker punches us to the ground.

We agreed on a few things:

1.  I have “no” core.  (Your core is very important!  I don’t have one.  I need to get one!)

2.  Even the muscles I think of as strong, are not.

3.  I need to go at a slow pace due to the state of my post-accident body.  My biggest goal?  Not to hurt another body part!

4.  A slow pace is better than NO pace.

Also –

1.  Caleb was very polite, but I know (in exercise terms) I did next to nothing during my first session.

And still, I could barely do what he gave me!

Caleb had to help me on a couple “easy” things.

Sometimes it was due to my injuries.

For instance, I can’t use my right arm to balance myself the way a “normal” person can.

I weave and wobble … and I might fall down.

Caleb stood next to me and “acted” as my right arm for balance when I needed it.

Sometimes it was just because I have no muscles in certain body parts.

2. My ass hurts.  Already.  Can you imagine how sore I’ll be by tomorrow?

3.  My training session made me realize what bad shape I’m in.  I think a lot of us kid ourselves into thinking we’re in better shape than we are.

On a positive note,

I’m glad I joined the gym.

I’m glad I’ll be making improvements, even if I go about making them at a slower pace than a “normal” person.

I’m okay with slow progress – I just want to make progress.

I’ve had a lot of personal stress in my life lately –

It feels good to have something positive and concrete to focus on.

Exercise is a stress reducer.

I won’t be working with Caleb on an ongoing basis, but I have decided to use a “trainer” once a week for a couple months.

(I don’t have a blog-name for New Trainer yet.  He’s a friend of one of my friends in The World of Sports.  He has a master’s degree in kinesiology.  He has better than Average Joe’s understanding of my limitations.  He’s attractive.  Of course, being attractive is very important – right?)

My goal is 4 workouts per week.

Each week, one of those workouts will be with New Trainer.

He will help me develop a program designed around my Not-Working-Body-Parts.

I’m hoping, after a couple months, I’ll “graduate” and no longer need New Trainer’s help.

We’ll see how things evolve.

My goal is not to have my 20 year old body back again,

Mainly because I can’t have it back even if I wanted it.

For me, this is more about getting my whole life to a better place than it has been since the accident.

Of course, I’m sure I’ll find lots of blog material at the gym along the way.

This is Orange County, after all.

4 Responses to “First Experience With a Personal Trainer”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I think by strengthening the rest of your body, your injured parts will only benefit. I’m glad you’re doing this.

    And I can’t WAIT to hear some “gym stories!!”

    • Suzanne

      Isn’t it sad I have to sort of self-censor myself?
      But, of course, not completely …!
      : )

  2. Erica

    I have to admit that I am surprised you have no core. How do you get anything done with neither core nor arms?


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