Howdy From Texas

You know what’s fun?

Coming down with your daughter’s respiratory infection while traveling.

Because …?

It’s so fun to be on multiple planes each day (and getting no sleep) when your sinuses feel like they are exploding.

And your throat is sore to the point of being raw.

And you’re running a low grade fever.

Hello, college tours in multiple states …!

Parenting is full of so many surprises.

It’s so much work, even as your kids make the transition to sort-of adults.

When my kids were younger I didn’t think they’d need me once they hit late high school and/or college.

And, if I dropped dead tomorrow, I’m sure they’d be absolutely fine.

But …

The graduations (we have two this year – with all they entail!), the college decisions (such a process!), the major career and relationship challenges …?

My kids want me involved.

And I’m grateful they do.

Being a mom is my all-time favorite job,

And the most important one I will ever have.

At the same time, I’m constantly surprised how much of my time is *still* devoted to parenting.

So yay, I’m in Texas on college tours

I think I’ve decided I’d like to go back to college myself.

My son wouldn’t mind if I join him wherever he ends up going, right?

Although, I’d have a hard time leaving my friends ….

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7 Responses to “Howdy From Texas”

  1. Diane

    It’s hard enough having a respiratory infection, let alone adding being on airplanes at the same time. So sorry you are not feeling well. 🙁

    • Suzanne

      Think I’m turning the corner …!
      Fingers crossed!

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I’m so sorry to hear about the respiratory infection, because – me too! I feel your pain, literally.

    If he’s looking at UT, tell him I said, “Hook ’em, Horns!” If he’s looking at A&M, tell him to say hello to Miss Jacki, who has one semester left there. If he’s looking at SMU, tell him Cafe Brazil, right up Central Expressway, has the best coffee in the area.

    Okay, now I’m homesick…

    • Suzanne

      I expected it to be sunnier and warmer here in Texas.
      I guess because it was forty bazillion degrees when I was here in November.
      Surprising how cold and rainy it is!

  3. Karen in S.E. Texas

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well and I hope that you are feeling better soon.

    I am looking forward to seeing the pictures that you are taking while here in Texas. Enjoy your day as much as you can and enjoy the beauty of Texas.

    • Suzanne

      I think I’m getting better.
      I am very tired of airports and planes though!

      I’m not getting much (any?) camera time so far.
      Maybe tomorrow?

      • Karen in S.E. Texas

        Ah the chilly rain, I hope that it didn’t ruin your visit and that you are feeling better. For those of us who live in Texas, the heat is not too far away. In a very short time it will be scorching hot here.

        It makes me sad that you were not able to get much camera time in. I know your shots would have been great!


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