I’ve been in four (or five?) states over the last couple days.

I am SO sick of airports and planes.


I’ve only taken a total of about five photos.

We’ve simply been too busy.

It’s been a rushed blur of airports, planes, car rentals, college tours and then doing all of that again in reverse.

Again and again.

I haven’t slept much.

I fail at sleeping on planes.

I haven’t found healthy food once on this trip.

(Not because it isn’t out there, but because most of my meals have been in airports and/or at college cafes.)

My head feels like it might explode any second now –

Thank you sinuses.

But hey,

I think (?) we are narrowing down college choices.

Yesterday, we flew from Texas to the Pacific Northwest.

It was over 5 hours in (yet another!) couple planes.

The view, however, was spectacular.


I might have cried on the plane.

I rarely cry so my tears surprised even me.

Letting go of your kids as they grow up is the hardest thing in the world.


Crying on a plane is probably the worst thing imaginable for a sinus infection.

I’m pretty sure my brain is swollen ten sizes and about to push my eyeballs out of my head.

Have I mentioned air travel with a sinus infection isn’t much fun?

4 Responses to “Jet-setting”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Yikes – I’m surprised you can HEAR. (I hate flying because of that very reason – the descent never fails to hurt the bejesus out of my ears.)

    When will you be home so you can go to the doc for that sinus infection?

    • Suzanne

      Sorry, I couldn’t hear you –
      Could you say that louder please?
      : )

      I will be home on Sunday, so I imagine I’ll be at the doc on Monday.
      And I have absolutely no doubt I need antibiotics at this point.
      I might have been okay if it wasn’t for all these flights!

  2. Erica

    Are you taking anything with pseudoephedrine? If you are and it’s not working, you really need to see a doctor for something stronger as soon as possible, maybe even before the visits end. You don’t want to damage any other part of you and flying can do that.

    Also, it’s tough to have children flex their wings, but you’ll see the beauty of helping to launch them much more easily if you feel well. Take care of yourself as well as you do your children.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, I’ve bought every over the counter med I’ve been able to get my hands on between flights.

      I know it is always hard to let go of our kids.
      But, I agree, not feeling well just makes everything seem overwhelming.
      I’m sure I’ll be in a better place once I stop traveling for a week or so and get well.


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