L.A. Fitness

Yesterday, I signed a membership agreement with L.A. Fitness.

I also decided, all gyms should offer you a taco the minute you walk in,

Just to make you feel more comfortable about being there.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with L.A. Fitness, it’s a “chain” of gyms.

There are a lot of them in Southern California, and they’re located in many other states too.

I’m in different parts of the county every day, so the idea of being able to use a gym’s facilities in different cities/locations was appealing.

(Briefcase and I are also discussing the possibility of selling our house sometime in the next year so I didn’t want to get locked in to a small, specific, geographical area.)

I signed up with the (very nice) general manager, Christopher Prekup, at the Alicia Parkway (Mission Viejo) location.

I really liked him.

He isn’t your typical Full-of-Shit gym salesperson.

(No, I’m not getting a thing for referrals.  But, if you think of it tell Chris I said hi if you decide to go visit.  He thinks I’m funny.)

The Alicia facility is NOT the L.A. Fitness closest to my home and it probably won’t be the location I’m at most often.

It was, however, the closest one to where I was yesterday.

I expect I’ll be visiting L.A. Fitness locations all over Orange County (and L.A.) on various days.

There are, of course, all sorts of different memberships you can sign up for but I decided on one that will only cost me $19.99 per month.

The price is hard to beat.

The pool is heated to 80-84F which is perfect.

The pool water is checked, and “treated” every 4 hours so I know it’s clean.

The gym offers a lot of various types of classes too, at no additional charge.

(I hate it when gyms charge extra for specific classes like yoga or pilates.)

I plan on trying a lot of different classes – even though I know I won’t be able to do any upper body stuff in the classes.

I really like the fact there were people of all ages and all fitness levels walking around.

I would feel very out of place in a gym of entirely 20 year old hard-bodies.

Today, I’m having an “assessment” done by a hard-body He-Man named Caleb.

(Chris warned me Caleb is a big muscly guy.  He didn’t want me to be intimidated by him.  He told me Caleb-The-He-Man is “very nice” and “not everybody here looks like him.”)

I’m pretty sure I’ll die of shame from the experience.

Is there such thing as a fitness level of negative 75?

If there is, that’s where I’ll be.

On the other hand,

It can only improve from this point, right?

10 Responses to “L.A. Fitness”

    • Suzanne

      We have talked about it.
      Our youngest is leaving for college in August.
      We are pretty far away from everything here in our canyon.
      I think getting closer to the beach (and more activities) might be the next step.

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    We’re talking about selling ours, too, and moving out more towards the country, although that would mean a longer commute (it’s 5 minutes right now), but I think we’re going to wait until The Young One has completed college, since he’s going to Kent State, which is only 30 minutes away. Besides, Beloved has got some weird bug up his butt and had dug up half the back yard and built raised garden beds that can be converted to hoop houses. It’s hard to sell something that you’ve just done THAT to!

    • Suzanne

      Yes, our house will need a lot of work before we sell it, if we do.

  2. Kristin

    As a birthday present to myself, I am getting a membership to LA Fitness too. There is one like less than 2 mins from my work (Kaleidoscope) and I pass it everyday as I get on the freeway so it makes so much sense to go. I have to admit that the kicker for me was the tvs on the exercise equipment. LOVE IT! I am just hoping I can get a lower monthly rate. Hopefully my negotiating skills are strong! 😀

    • Suzanne

      Good for you.
      We should connect at one of them sometime.
      Do you promise not to laugh at me?
      : )

  3. Kathy

    Gotta ask…why are you so interested in going to the gym recently? You are constantly on the go. And you get yourself in the weirdest positions. (yes, I have seen the pictures!) So do you really need yoga or pilates?!!

    • Suzanne

      I am constantly on the go.
      I’m a very active person.
      And I am often very physical when I’m shooting, but …
      Active and “in shape” are two different things.
      Keeping the rest of my body is important. I don’t need anything else going wrong. Exercise is part of that equation.
      : )

      • Kathy

        I get it. I was teasing a little. People who aren’t in shape don’t normally do what you do!

  4. AZ Fitness Trainer

    WOW.. LA Fitness is really locking in great folks like yourself. I hope you get the most out of your membership. Good works, and keep up the fitness regimen. Nicely done here!!.


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