Sick Puppy

I’m nursing a sick puppy.

And by puppy, I mean “elderly golden retriever.”

I’m sleeping on my couch so I can take care of him at night/through the night.

Yesterday, I caved in and stopped by my own doctor’s office.

He informed me I’m *still* running a fever.

(Sinus Infection wins round one?)

In any case, I don’t feel bad (at all) now that I’m done flying on zillions of air-o-planes.

But I am very tired.

When I get sinus infections, they’re almost always allergy related.

Hello spring!

In case you didn’t know already,

Air-o-planes are very bad for unhappy sinuses.

Sleeping on a not-very-comfortable couch,

And staying up (and continually waking up) with a sick dog doesn’t help.

It’s a sad reflection of life when my biggest “fantasy” is about getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Don’t you hate it when people whine?

I sure do.



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