The UPS Man Knows Me On a First Name Basis

Some of you live in small towns or rural areas.

You probably know your mail person by name.

(Along with a lot of the other people you encounter in every day life.)

This is not the case, of course, for most of us living in Southern California.

There are over 3 million people living in Orange County alone.

Imagine my surprise (and, oh, the shame!!) when my UPS man called me by my first name the other day.

Yes, that’s right.

My name is Suzanne, and I’m an Online Shopper.

My UPS Man was making a delivery two houses down from me.

As he ran to his truck, he looked up and saw me on my driveway getting out of my car.

“Hi Suzanne,” he said smiling.

Then he jumped in his truck and drove away.

No! I thought, blushing.

I don’t really order stuff THAT often, do I?

Maybe he just finds frumpy women like me exceptionally attractive in a Very Frumpy sort of way?

OK, so that’s pretty far-fetched.

I immediately began rationalizing the fact I do, in fact, order almost everything I own online these days.

•  I hate “real” shopping.  I always have.  I guess that’s part of my introvert-ism disease?

•  It’s very difficult for me to carry things with my bum arm.  It’s so much easier if a man drops presents (ahem?) off on my doorstep.

•  I work on a computer a few hours each day.  It’s impossible to prevent my ADD from leading me astray.

•  Almost everything I order is via Amazon so I don’t have to pay shipping.  (Amazon prime for the win?!)

•  Most of what I buy/order is for other people anyway, so it totally doesn’t count.

Then I started thinking about some of the things I’ve received via UPS lately.

•  Prints, prints, and more prints.  Granted – I then deliver them to local customers, but still.

•  Miss Kay’s wine.  (You have to be home to sign for alcohol!)  It was a thank you gift for her ….

•  My long-time favorite (now discontinued) lip gloss.  (I was so excited to find TWO tubes of it still existing somewhere in Iowa.  What did we do before the Internet?)

•  A new hat.  To replace my favorite old hat.  The one I sent off to Australia for repairs.  (And may never seen again?)

•  A congratulation gift for my daughter.  (She just got a new and, hopefully, much improved job.)

•  My son’s birthday gift.

The good news?

I’m not buying random things I wouldn’t buy anyway.

Well, except (possibly) for my way-too-many photography gear bags.

But, every photographer I know ends up with a zillion backpacks/bags.

No one has invented the perfect one for every occasion yet.

(And I’m on a continual search for one that will make things easier on my damaged body!)

But, other than that ….!

Does your UPS/Mail/FedEx person know you by name?

Does some other service person shame you with familiarity?

(For instance, you might feel guilt if the sales person at your favorite restaurant or ice cream store knows you by first name?)

Or, am I out here in First-Name-Shame-Land by myself?

7 Responses to “The UPS Man Knows Me On a First Name Basis”

  1. Diane

    We seemed to have a few different UPS delivery people at our house, but since we have just moved I’m sure that we are once again incognito to our UPS person. Oh, and I used to shop in Macys so often that one of the clerks there would recognize me and always say hello. I really need a life. LOL

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Our UPS delivery man knows us by name (and we know his – Hi, Bob!!), but that’s simply because both our office and our home are on his route. Which makes sense, since our office is maybe 2 miles from our home. But we see him every day, since we regularly ship and receive computer equipment as part of our business.

    And, perhaps, do the vast majority of our shopping online, yes. I just received a new cast iron grill and Beloved just ordered a grow light and 4,000 heirloom seeds to sprout and plant in our new raised garden beds. We’ve absolutely gone off the deep end…

  3. Erica

    I’ve lived in my fairly small town for a while now and it still surprises me when that sort of thing happens, but it does sometimes for extroverts, I think. They hear or see your name and they can’t help attaching it to you because they are naturally interested in interacting with other people and they see everyone as a (possibly) positive interaction.

    If you’re a little introverted, it might creep you out, but it shouldn’t because it’s normal. Your UPS guy is probably not a stalker. He’s just making his job more interesting by seeing it as part of a bigger, more human picture.

    Be pleasant to him too, the way Jan and her husband are, since I think he’s trying to be a nice guy.

    • Suzanne

      Oh, I’m always very nice to him.
      Sometimes I even hug him because I’m so happy about something he brought! : )

      • Erica

        I’d advise you to be less affectionate with the next guy if a restraining order becomes necessary and he has to be replaced. 😀


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