Five Minutes on North Carolina

I have a whopping five minutes to write a blog post.

This is what I can tell you about my North Carolina trip so far:

•  It takes one full (entire, loooooong!) day to travel from Orange County to North Carolina.

•  A great son is willing to pick his mom up at the airport late at night.

•  Hotel bars can be awesome.

•  It has been completely grey and/or raining every second I’ve been here.  “Carolina Blue” must be a myth.  It rained all of my last visit, also.

•  As a result, I have apparently hauled massive amounts of camera gear across 3,000+ miles for no reason, whatsoever.

•  I lied.  There was actually one spot of blue sky for thirty seconds.  I photographed it from a parking lot just to “prove” the sky is still blue behind all the grey.

NC Blue © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

•  There are a lot of trees here.

•  I ate a fried green tomato.  Well, actually, just a very thin slice of one.

•  Other food that I’ve had served to me:  Biscuits (minus the gravy – I just can’t “do” gravy no matter how much “they” want me to try it), collard greens, fried french toast.


•  Who knew people did such things?

•  I’m pretty sure I no longer have arteries.  They closed up and left for California …. the land of sprouts and greens.

•  Did I mention the hotel bar?

•  Rainy days are good days for movies.

•  I traveled 3,000+ miles to go to the movies.  (Which are much cheaper to see in NC than in California, by the way!)

•  I saw The Great Gatsby … one of my all time favorite books.  (I love Fitzgerald!)

•  I saw Star Trek.

•  Both movies were good and I’m glad I got to see them.

•  I’ve also had a lot of great time with my oldest son and his girlfriend, Pretty.

I’ll have more for you soon.

(I think?)

There hasn’t been much time for being online …!

9 Responses to “Five Minutes on North Carolina”

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      He’s so lovable, how could I not enjoy him?
      : )

  1. LindaP

    Today should be a bett picture taking day! Enjoy Son & Pretty. And TRY not to over due the bum arm 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Unfortunately, I failed at taking care of my arm ….

  2. sandra

    I can’t believe you didn’t at least try gravy! Nectar of the gods! We don’t eat it daily or even weekly but when we do mmmmm. Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. out your way has a breakfast platter with gravy, biscuit, hash rounds, bacon and eggs. YUM

    • Suzanne

      I will have to try at least one bite next time I’m in the Carolina’s!
      : )

  3. Joy

    So… If you don’t fry French Toast, how *do* you cook it?? Even when it is baked, it is full of yummy not-healthiness! 😉

    • Suzanne

      I wasn’t as clear as I should have been on this one.
      They prepared it “normally” and then deep fried the cooked french toast.
      Very decadent … I tried a couple bites and had to force myself not to eat a whole piece.
      I don’t normally even like most breakfast foods …

      • Joy

        Ah, yes. I have heard of this extra deep-fried thing, but haven’t experienced it myself. Also, I wonder at the “why” of all of this deep fried food… #DifferentPhilosphiesOfFood


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