I’m Expecting … Again!

My regular readers are familiar with “Phoebe” the Black Phoebe bird who nests in my pool grotto every spring.

This year was no different.

Phoebe built a nest in our pool grotto.

She laid three eggs.

The eggs eventually hatched and the baby birds flew away.

As we do every year, we removed the abandoned nest from the grotto once it was no longer in use.

And then, this weekend, we discovered Phoebe (or one of her Black Phoebe relatives?) had built another nest in the exact same spot.


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I’m expecting three more babies.

That’s right – if all goes well, I’ll be “having” a total of six Black Phoebe babies this year.

Having a bird nest inside our pool grotto isn’t ideal.

Phoebe frequently perches on our nearby pool furniture,

And, we all know birds are … um, messy.

Phoebe also gets very upset when the pool waterfall runs –

Which it does, automatically, each day.

She doesn’t like when we actually *use* our pool either.

We do (for the most part) try to stay out of her way.

However, we didn’t build the pool for HER …

We built the pool for US.

That’s why,

As I swam yesterday,

I told Phoebe if she was going to keep building nests in the grotto she would have to get used to me swimming nearby.

She looked at me from a few feet away and scowled sternly as I said it.

Yes, I really *do* think she scowled.

(And yes, I really did talk to a wild bird in my backyard.)

On a positive note,

It’s always exciting to “have” a nest with eggs in it.

It’s even more exciting when they hatch.

I’ll try to keep (an unintrusive) eye on Phoebe and her eggs so I can keep you updated.

I’m usually in the pool every day this time of year.

Hopefully, Phoebe and I have reached an understanding.

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  1. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Nice shot! There are worse things than bird poo, as long as she is nice to you.


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