Memorial Day

I hope all my U.S. readers are having a nice, safe, Memorial Day weekend.

I took an awesome flag photo recently while visiting San Francisco.

I was saving it to post today.

However, my LaCie 4TB disk (filled with photos) seems to have died on me.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to recover the photos next week with the help of the LaCie customer service folks.

So … no flag photo, I’m sorry.

I’ve had a pretty quiet weekend.

I came home from North Carolina with a sore throat and a (very sexy?) hoarse voice.

I’ve just been hanging out this weekend, resting, and enjoying having both of my boys home.

I did hop in the pool with my GoPro for a few minutes late yesterday.

I wanted to take a photo of the bird nest in our pool grotto.

Instead …?

I took this.


I can always find ways to amuse myself …!

(And yes, it was taken with a wide angle.  I am funny looking, but not quite THIS funny looking!)

P.S.  Who puts photos like this of themselves up on the Internet?

I have no shame.

2 Responses to “Memorial Day”

    • Suzanne

      It’s nice to get self confident to the point of not caring how bad/silly/ridiculous I look in any given photo. Maybe that’s one of the joys of getting “old”?????
      : )


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