Is it just me, or is this a crazy-busy time of year?

Weddings, and graduations, and Mother’s Day, and more graduations, and birthdays, and Father’s Day and, and, and …!

I seem to be spending a lot of money on gifts lately.

Also, my calendar is resembling more of a jigsaw puzzle than anything organized and/or orderly.

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I thought I’d compile a very random list of tidbits for you today:

 There’s a BIG (700 people and growing?) photo event going on next Tuesday, May 14th, in San Francisco.  You can get details here.  Everyone is welcome.  Yes, even those of you who “just” have the camera on your phone.

  I’m trying to make my way to San Francisco for the event.  I’m in search of a cheap place to stay the night of the 14th.  Thomas Hawk’s couch is my only option right now (and I hate to impose on him his wife).

 I will also be heading to North Carolina in the (very?) near future for my son’s college graduation.  Pinch me … how is it possible he’s graduating from college?

 I like BEING places, but I hate “the act” of air travel.  Airports, security lines, sitting sardine-like with germy people, trying to handle camera equipment and luggage with one arm … it sucks.   (Hello pain flare-ups!)

  A couple days ago, I received a text message from Paul Newman that simply read:  Innocent REALLY?  I knew he must be getting caught up on blog posts.  He had probably just read the last few sentences of this one.  Apparently, he doesn’t think I look at all innocent.  (It’s only because he knows me!)

  In contrast, yesterday I sent a text message to Paul Newman which read:  You have become indispensable.  Don’t die.

  He replied:  What did you do?

•  Paul Newman and I?  We are an endless source of comedic material.  It never stops.  I sometimes wonder if my orthopedic surgeon purposely sent me to Paul Newman while thinking, “THIS will be amusing to watch!”

•  Baby Face (my once-a-week personal trainer) is FINE.  I actually got him to talk a little yesterday.  Usually he’s all business, but I’m wearing him down.  I’ll find the human in him any day now!  Yesterday was my day to do arm s.  He added an extra ab workout too.  (Probably because working out one arm takes less time than working out two?)  He’d never consider letting me off easy.

•  No, I’m not in a “gym routine” yet.  My life is chaotic and, apparently, I travel a lot.  BUT, I’m sticking with it and enjoying (??) it.  Baby Face is constantly changing up what I do, which keeps me from getting bored.  He also seems to find new  weak  muscles every time I see him.

•  You might have heard, Adobe is moving its Creative Suite (Photoshop, et al.) to a cloud-based, subscription (pretty high monthly fee), service.  A lot of people are very upset about this, particularly photographers.  In a nutshell, if you’re a casual/amateur/hobbyist/beginning/small business photographer it is not something to sign up for, in my opinion.  You can find lots of unhappy people bitching about Adobe’s change on photography websites everywhere.  If you’d like my two cents on any aspect of this news feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer your question(s).

•  I miss Doc a lot.  He was my therapy dog.  He was there for me through the car accident, all nine surgeries, and a very hellish recovery road.  I’m so happy I still have Mocha.  She’s laying on top of my feet as I type this.  I’ve been giving her lots of extra attention because I know she misses Doc too.  I love animals.

•  I’ve been testing out some fun new photography gadgets.  I will have news about them soon!

6 Responses to “Randomness”

  1. Diane

    Four years already… holy moly!

    Can’t wait for the gadget news!!!

    • Suzanne

      I can NOT believe it has been 4 years.

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Adobe is going to lose business over this, I can guarantee it. I can justify – or rather, our company can – the money to upgrade to a new version of CS every few years (I’m only now looking at CS6), but that monthly fee? It’s kind of hard for a business to capitalize a monthly fee, as opposed to software. Such a shame…I guess I’ll be looking at something else. Hell, I like Open Source stuff; I wonder what the learning curve for GIMP is like?

    *runs off to search for an Open Source alternative to InDesign*

    • Suzanne

      I think it will be very interesting to see what competitors pop up. Especially in the photography space. There are so many cheap apps already … and technology is changing so rapidly. We shall see!

  3. gina

    Enjoyed your post. Yep, May and December activities give me ADD. Too crazy-busy.

    • Suzanne

      It is SO busy.
      I expect it in December but I always seem to “forget” how busy it gets this time of year too.


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