Reader Questions – My Answers

I’ve been blogging now for quite some time.

I feel very fortunate to count many of my readers as friends …

Even many of you I have yet to meet face to face.

I love that real friendships DO come out of online life.

On that note,

I thought I’d share some of the questions readers/friends have emailed me with recently.

If one person is curious about something I wrote, often others are too.

•  Where was Briefcase on the North Carolina graduation trip?  I received this question from several readers who were wondering why I didn’t have help traveling cross country and back.  Briefcase was on a business trip for several days prior/overlapping my journey.  He arrived in North Carolina a couple days after me.  He returned to The OC a few hours after I did.

•  How is PR?  Has he recovered?  PR is feeling better.  I don’t think I’ll ever know exactly what caused his illness.  His meningitis vaccine played a part in it.  It definitely wasn’t a “normal” type of bug.  It really scared me to see him so sick.  He’s still regaining his strength from being ill for so long, but he’s back to school, etc.  He’ll be graduating from high school in just a few weeks!  (So hard to believe!)

•  Do you still use your FitBit?  Yes, I wear it almost all of the time.  I do forget to put in on once in awhile.  Also, sometimes I forget to transfer it if I change clothes mid-day (after the beach/gym, etc.).  I like it a lot.  It’s an easy way to make me more aware/consistent about what I do activity-wise each day.

•  Is the printer of your Metal Prints working out okay now?  Yes, they’ve been fine.  I’m watching every order they print like a hawk, however.  They were going through some big transitions (moving/expanding their business) for awhile and, clearly, it caused some problems.  The CEO of the company personally stepped in to resolve the situation I was dealing with.  Since then everything has gone well.  They do guarantee their work so I know if I have a problem again, it will be resolved.  I, however, don’t want to have problems to start with.  I expect the best, and I pay higher printing costs to get it.

•  You haven’t been as active on Twitter and G+ lately, is something wrong?  I’ve had a lot going on in my personal/family life – there are only so many hours in each day.  It’s extremely difficult to keep up with everything when I’m traveling, etc.  My life is rarely slow-paced, but it seems to have been exceptionally busy recently.  I will be more active on social media as things settle down.

 Are you still going to the gym?  How’s Baby Face?  Yes, I am.  And, he’s fine.  I did miss about a week due to travel, but I went the day before I left and I was just there again yesterday morning.  I try not to beat myself up about it if I can’t make it as often as I like due to travel.  I’m committed to doing the best I can given my job/pt schedule/arm limitations/pain flare-ups/life.  I won’t always have the perfect work-out week, but I keep going back regardless.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not working out in an attempt to have a “perfect” body.  I’m working out to make my very flawed body stronger and healthier long term.  Slow progress is fine with me … I just want to be making progress.

•  Are you going to Hawaii again this summer?  Unfortunately, I’m not.  Most of my “free” time this summer will involve trips to North Carolina and (multiple) trips to Texas to help my boys get set up for the upcoming transitions in their lives.  RC will beginning a full time job in North Carolina, and PR will be moving to Texas to begin college.  I think by the time I get both boys moved and settled, I’ll probably be more than ready to fly to Hawaii or some other tropical place in the fall.  (And now, if I could only win the lottery so I can afford it …?)

•  How’s your pain?  Is it better?  I’ve been flared-up since I went back east.  Fake-swimming put me over the edge into grit-my-teeth pain.  It will probably take a week-ish until the inflammation settles down.  I’m trying to do as little as possible with my arm right now … no camera, no luggage, etc.  I’m babying it, sweet-talking it, drugging it, and trying every other tactic to get it to calm down.  (In addition to being painful, it’s SO frustrating when I get “this” bad.)

•  What’s your favorite TV show?  I’m not a huge TV watcher.  However, my son (and a neighbor, AND Paul Newman) all recently recommended House of Cards.  (It’s a Netflix series.)  I’ve become addicted to it. I’ve watched a couple episodes each of the last few nights.  (I tell myself House of Cards time is my consolation for not being able to shoot right now.)

•  What are your favorite flip flops?  A lot of us, here in Southern California, are very loyal to the Rainbow brand.  I always have a pair of Rainbows, but I do have/wear other brands sometimes too.  I spend 90% of the year wearing flip flops.  Sneakers are my most frequent alternative.  I’ve also become semi-obsessed with cowboy boots ever since I found out PR will be moving to Texas.  No, I haven’t bought any yet … but I want to!

OK, that’s it for today.

You’re always welcome to email me with questions.

I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I’d been wondering about the gym, too, I was just more curious about my questions. 😉

    I’m SO glad PR is feeling better. And, you know, I have quite a bit of family and friends in the DFW area if he needs someone right away.


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