Santa Barbara Photo A Day

I thought I’d share a “photo per day” from my trip up the coast.

It’s definitely spring in California.

California poppies are everywhere right now.

I was thrilled to find some blooming against a fence on an otherwise boring sidewalk.

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It was as if they were growing right there just to brighten up a very mundane spot.

“Look at me!  I’m beautiful,” they seemed to say.

They were surviving, thriving, and showcasing their beauty in spite of their less than ideal surroundings.

Here’s a shot of my friend, Ben.

Ben enjoys photography as a hobby.

I think he was amused watching me wade into the ocean, lay down in the sand, etc. while shooting.

He kept shaking his head and grinning at me.

(I was, of course, a sandy mess by the end of our adventure.  Ben was still clean like a normal person.)

We saw some dolphin and a whale while we were shooting.

It makes me so happy when I see ocean animals.

Of course, there were pretty sunsets too.

I couldn’t resist pulling out my filters and taking a few long exposure sunset shots.

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There is no place like California’s central coast.

It rejuvenates my soul to “go home.”

I’m thinking about shooting the entire California coast (over the course of one, very long, extended, car trip) in the fall.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off, but the idea has been with me for a couple years now.

I tell myself all the reasons why it might not be a practical idea,

But thoughts of The-Entire-California-Coast-Photo-Excursion nag at me incessantly.

After all, if anyone is going to make a project of photographing the 3,427 miles of tidal coastline –

It should probably be me???

Of course, I’d take all of you along with me ….

7 Responses to “Santa Barbara Photo A Day”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I think your idea to photograph the entire California coastline is great! But instead of taking us, perhaps you should take Paul Newman. He might have a thing or three to say about you being gone from his care for so long.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, you’re right.
      I need to find a way to bottle him up and take him with me.
      I’ve been counting down the minutes until I see him after just three days of shooting in Santa Barbara ….
      Somebody’s got to keep my arm working, right?
      : )

  2. Ben

    If I posted a shot of you twisting around with your camera in the sand, Mr. Newman might bottle you and keep you safe in his office.

    • Suzanne

      I’m pretty sure, if Paul Newman saw me hauling equipment and the “way” that I shoot, I’d instantly be in The Paul Newman Dog House.
      I so hate it when he scolds me! : )

      On the other hand, I doubt if he’d object too loudly to having a woman bottled in his office.
      : )

  3. Mandi

    I thought the same thing as Jan.
    You need Paul Newman to road trip with you.
    I bet THAT would make for some funny blog posts.

    • Suzanne

      I can’t even imagine …..
      Although, there’s no doubt it would be a source of endless blog material.
      : )


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