The Prettiest Time of Year?

If I was forced to pick,

I’d say my favorite season in Southern California is the fall.

Unfortunately, most of the trees don’t turn pretty fall colors here …

But summer tourists leave (so the beaches are “mine” again), and fall weather is warm and wonderful.


I also really, really, love THIS time of year – late spring/early summer.

May through June is when the Jacaranda trees are blooming.

They’re everywhere┬áin Orange County –

And they’re such a sight to see.

Purple, purple … purple everywhere!

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Entire neighborhoods turn purple.

Look up at the towering purple clouds in the sky …

Step gently on the purple carpet of petals.

And yes, I know homeowners often curse the “mess” the Jacarandas leave.

But how can any of us resist smiling at such beauty?

One Response to “The Prettiest Time of Year?”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Reminds me of the Bradford pears here, only they’re just white. But that’s okay, because after the Bradford pears come the rhododendrons – purple, pink, white. I’ve even seen a yellow one!


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