The Weekend Recap

I hope you had a nice weekend.

I had a fun couple days.

I’m about to begin a very chaotic two-week schedule, so it was nice to have a relaxing weekend.

On Saturday, I spent time up in L.A. enjoying a (slightly early) Mother’s Day celebration with my family.

I wore a black dress, and sparkly flip-flops.

(You can do that in Southern California!)

Here’s a bad iPhone selfie photo.

It shows my wrinkles.

24Selfie © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

My daughter gave me flowers she bought at a local farmer’s market.

They’re so pretty.

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The day ended with an excellent dinner at Jiraffe (yum!) followed by a long walk by the ocean.

It was really nice.

On Sunday (“real” Mother’s Day), I spent some time shooting film with my youngest son.

He’s taking a photography class and we’ve been planning some film shooting time together for awhile.

It seemed like a perfect activity for Mother’s Day.

I was shooting a Diana F+ and my son was shooting a Holga.

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I haven’t shot film in a long time.

It was fun.

(It’s also kind of a pain in the ass, especially on a Diana.)

And no, I’m not ready to give up my digital camera anytime soon.

Late in the afternoon, I took my “real” camera to 1,000 Steps beach in Laguna.

I wanted to go for a walk, and also get some strenuous exercise … because hello 1,000 steep, narrow, steps.

(It was just too nice of a day to hang-out in a gym.)

Of course, I can’t ever go for a “normal” walk on the beach like “normal” people do.

No, I ended up waist deep in the ocean, fully clothed.

I didn’t intend for fully-clothed-in-the-ocean to happen.

But, there was a sea cave, the tide had come in, and I just “had” to explore it.

In hindsight, it was a very  stupid  risky move with several thousand dollars of camera equipment in my hands.

Don’t be like me!

(By the way, the Pacific was feeling a bit chilly yesterday.)

I also managed to get pretty scraped up on coral.

I never advise having a run-in with coral.

Coral always wins.

Coral can also lead to nasty, difficult to get rid of, infections.

Don’t ask me how I know that.

Anyway, I emerged from the ocean with one foot and leg bleeding.

No big deal – it’s to be expected if you’re me.

Also, if I hadn’t had the camera gear with me, I would have missed my favorite shot from the day.

I was wading through an area at the entrance of the cave when I nearly stepped on this:

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It wasn’t the only starfish I came across.

It is the only one I nearly stepped on though.

(Starfish usually cling to the rocks in the ocean, or hang out in tidepools.  It was a surprise to find one resting on the sandy bottom of the sea cave entrance.)

It seemed quite happy to be there.

That made two of us.

All in all, I had a very nice Mother’s Day weekend and I hope you did too.

8 Responses to “The Weekend Recap”

  1. Diane

    That sounds like a really nice week-end, and the flowers are SUPERB!

    • Suzanne

      I hope you had a nice weekend too.
      She really did a good job picking out the flowers.

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I did, and I’m glad you did too. Please be careful, and I don’t mean of the camera/equipment – I mean of your person.

    Love, love, LOVE the starfish photo.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      And yes, I do need to be more careful.
      I don’t want to be washed out to sea …!

  3. Missy

    Glad you had a nice weekend. Love Jiraffe. Next try Gjelina!

    • Suzanne

      I’ve heard Gjelina is good.
      I’ll have to remember next time I have the opportunity …!
      L.A. has so many great choices compared to The OC.
      : )

  4. Erica

    Glad you had fun. Happy Mother’s Day!


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