Update, Update!

Hello again Internet!

I don’t usually write two back-to-back “random” posts, but here goes –

•  I wanted to let you know I WILL be in San Francisco next Tuesday and Wednesday.

•  And, I WILL be at the huge San Francisco Photowalk.  (The world’s largest ever?!  Over 800 people have RSVP’ed!)

•  And, I do hope to see you there.  Please come say hi if you’re attending.  And, please forgive me if I don’t remember everybody’s names.  I get flustered when I meet 800+ people at once.

•  Google will be giving away one Google Glass at the photowalk!!  Whee!

•  I want to win!  I want to win!!

•  I’ll be staying at Thomas Hawk’s house next week.  Have I told you he and his wife are the greatest/most gracious people ever?  Are you one of Thomas’s five million plus followers?  The man is amazingly talented.  You really should check out his work if you don’t already follow him.  He’s my idol.  And/or I’m his stalker.  (Or something like that?)

•  It’s okay.  He knows I’m his stalker and he’s okay with it.

 Thomas Hawk is also one of the very nicest people you could ever, ever, meet.

•  He also NEVER sleeps.  I’m pretty sure that means I’ll be shooting with him for 48 hours straight while I’m visiting.

•  Does anyone own stock in Red Bull?

•  I’m in the midst of a “bad” pain flare-up.  (There is no such thing as a good one?!)

•  How bad is it?  Yesterday, I kept sending Paul Newman random pain-filled text messages.  They said things like, “It’s sooooooooooooooo bad!”  (With lots and lots of o’s!)

•  Of course, Paul Newman called me after receiving my  whining  text messages.  (Because he’s the best PT in the world?  Or so I would stop texting him?)  After giving me lots of good advice, my text messages continued.  But, they became much nicer and mellower and said things like, “Drugs make everything better.”

•  I’m counting down the seconds until he can work his magic on me today.  I think all this pain is a result of my three days shooting in Santa Barbara.  Add in an unforeseen circumstance which resulted in Paul Newman having to cancel my appointment with him earlier this week and you get Me+LotsOfPain.  I would have shown up on his office doorstep begging to see him yesterday, but the man had the day off.  Texting him odd (drugged up) messages had to suffice.  I’m pretty sure he’s glad to have me in his life????

•  Doesn’t it seem like there are a lot of really exceptionally insane evil criminals in the world lately?

•  I realize the above comment about criminals has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but that’s why this is called a random post.

•  This entire post might have been written under the influence of pain meds.

•  I should stop now?

•  Happy Mother’s Day weekend everyone!

6 Responses to “Update, Update!”

  1. Erica

    I think there are more insane evil criminals around. After the Boston thing my daughter called me to ask if I knew whether it was done by terrorists or by kids who like killing people. I don’t think that’s the first question someone of my generation would have asked at her age.

    Have a great time next week. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos. Half the time when I show someone pictures on your site, or send them a link, they think you’re a very prolific painter.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      Yes, I feel like my kids have grown-up in a world where mass shootings and other murders are “normal.” It’s really sad.
      : (

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Vile, horrid, evil people. I’m not sure if there’s necessarily more of them, we just hear more about them. 24-freaking-hours a day. It’s gotten to where I hate to turn on the television any more.

    • Suzanne

      I bet media coverage has been really constant in Ohio.
      I’m glad I’m not seeing/hearing it because I don’t think I could handle it.
      I think there are more evil people, just because the population continues to grow.
      But, maybe not.
      Regardless, there are far too many of them.

  3. gina

    hey, if paul didn’t want you in his life, he wouldn’t have given you his number, right?


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