Business at Hand

•  Many of you choose to email me directly with comments/questions/requests.  I’ve discontinued use of my yahoo email address.  If you have it stored in your address book, please note you can now reach me at  (This is the same email that has been on my contact page/info for well over a year now.)

•  I should never, ever, write blog posts after taking a Percocet.  Just sayin’ ….

•  It’s a good thing Paul Newman thinks I’m funny.  (???)

•  Last night I got a disk mailed to me of the (very expensive) data Drive Savers retrieved off of my #$%* LaCie drive.  Today, after PT, I’ll dig into it to see how much data they were able to recover.  I’ve been out of sorts with all my data missing/disorganized/etc.  I can’t wait to get things back in order.

•  The “clip” on my FitBit broke.  I ordered a new clip and it arrive late yesterday.  I mention this because I’ve raved about my FitBit so often.  The replacement clip was only $9, but there was no reason why it shouldn’t have lasted longer.  (It wasn’t used excessively or in any kinky ways.)  It definitely should have lasted longer than it did.  On the other hand, the FitBit Zip itself still works perfectly fine.

•  I know a lot of you are several weeks into your “summer,” but my youngest son still has another full week of school prior to summer vacation.  On the other hand, my oldest son has been home on his summer break for over 3 weeks now.  My house is a chaotic mix of very conflicting schedules right now.

•  I was up all night Tuesday night/Wednesday morning due to this ongoing (way worse than normal) pain thing I’ve got going on.  I’m very tired as a result.  I think I might hide out in Paul Newman’s office and sleep all day today.  I’m sure he wouldn’t mind?

•  Since I’m too tired to write, I thought I’d leave you with this photo I took recently of Mocha.  She’s such a good, loving, gentle, dog.  She loves the smell of sunshine!

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  1. Kathy

    I’ve always wondered how you remember to take off the fitbit and not throw it in the wash. Did that with a pedometer onces. Oops. So I was looking at the fitbit flex and they’re back ordered to the end of July/August. Wow! So I guess I stick with a pedometer…but it’s on a lanyard around my neck.

    Hope the new clip lasts longer. You do get in some pretty extreme positions though! Most people just walk…


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