Odds and Ends

I’ve got several little, random, things for you today.

•  One reader has reported problems logging on to 24.  I haven’t heard from anyone else having trouble.  If you’re having problems logging on also, please let me know so I know if there’s a problem on my end.

•  Baby Face is growing a beard.  (Or he just took a few days off shaving?)  In either case, it kind of ruins the whole baby-face as a blog nickname concept.  On the other hand, he looks incredibly hot with his new scruffy look.  Not that I noticed.

•  He made my day  week  month yesterday when he commented I’ve passed the personal trainer “eye test.”  At first, I just looked at him questioningly.  Then he told me it means he can now SEE the improvements in my body since I began working out with him two months ago.  I gave him a big smile and informed him I now have muscles under my fat.  He rolled his eyes.  (But, yay!!  Improvements … baby steps – but improvements!!)  I’ve known I’m able to DO more at the gym, but it’s encouraging to have him say he sees change – especially since the poor man is subjected to seeing my body dressed in spandex-y type clothes.

•  By the way, my left (good) arm went into this whole gym experience really strong.  That’s what happens when one arm does the work of two for nearly seven years.

•  The rest of my body is pathetic.  But?  Slightly less pathetic than two months ago ….

•  I frequently listen to/watch TED Talks on my phone while doing cardio at the gym.  It keeps my brain engaged while my body is working.  Do you ever watch them?

•  This is graduation week for PR.  How is it possible my “baby” is going to be graduating from high school?  A part of me is so ready for this school year to be done.  Another part of me starts crying at the mere thought he’ll be living in Texas in a mere six weeks.  Would his roommate find it odd if I moved in also?  Texas is so far away!  Oh, the mom tears ….!

•  A mama mountain lion and her cub have been spotted roaming my neighborhood numerous times in the last week or two.  Running into a mountain lion is never a great idea, but running into a mom with her cub is very dangerous indeed.  Is it surprising, upon hearing about her visits, my first thought was wanting to capture her photo with her cub?

•  I saw The Internship last weekend.  It was so-so.  It was a little slow and not so funny at the beginning, but better in the second half.  Not a great movie, but okay.  I’ve met a lot of people who work for Google over the last couple years so I was interested in seeing the film.

•  I’m working on another metal print for Paul Newman.  (We’re gradually “doing” his new office building room by room.)  I’m excited he wanted to add this one to his growing collection because it’s a shot I took just over a week ago.  I think it will look gorgeous on metal in one of the exam rooms.

Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

Speaking of office spaces ….

•  Do any of you have stand-up desks?  Or treadmill desks?  I’m in huge need of developing a better/different workspace.  My current set-up is not working well with my bum arm.  I’m searching for ideas and would love to hear from you.

2 Responses to “Odds and Ends”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Wow – so soon for PR to move? The Young One doesn’t move to Kent until the end of August, and he’s been out of school since the end of May.

    I love TED talks; watch ’em all the time, even if I don’t agree with them (it always does a body good to have something to yell about).

    We have no mountain lions, but there’s a couple of black bears in our neck of the woods. They’re keeping the community on their toes.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, PR will have a very short summer. His HS ends so late compared to most schools … even those here in CA which are traditionally behind the rest of the country. We leave for Texas the first week in August. Sigh!

      I would rather have a bear than a mountain lion …
      We had bears in the LA foothills where I grew up (and mountain lions).
      Of course, I wouldn’t really want to run into EITHER while alone out walking at night …!
      : )


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