Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

RC’s girlfriend, Pretty, is visiting us.

She arrived a few days ago.

They’ve been dating for over two years and this is her third visit (ever, in her entire life!) to California.

She’s pretty much in awe of everything –

The weather, the palm trees, the types of flowers we have, the zillions of hummingbirds that live in our backyard, the ocean, the views, the celebrities, etc., etc., etc.

I decided some spoiling was in order.

Yesterday, I took both my boys, and Pretty, out to lunch at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel.

(A normal lunch would be grabbing an apple out of the fridge?)

I could spend days photographing details at the Ritz Carlton.

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There are dozens and dozens and DOZENS of roses everywhere you look.

They’re gorgeous.

For that matter, everything about the resort is beautiful.

One of these days, I’m going to stop in *just* to take photos.

(For some reason, my boys just sigh and tap their feet impatiently when I stop to smell photograph the roses.  I need to make a special photography trip without them.)

I chose 180BLU for lunch because the views are breathtaking – perfect for a visitor from out of state.

The outdoor patio is up high on a bluff.

It’s impossible not to relax in such a beautiful setting.

I love pelicans.

What could be better than sitting at pelican level while enjoying your cocktails lunch?

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My “artistic” photography style in the above photo might have been inspired by the two passion fruit mojitos I drank at lunch.

(A drink I highly recommend if you ever visit 180blu!)

I smiled when, after ordering, I saw the table marker our waitress brought to us.

It was a small, numbered, surfboard.

Of course, I didn’t care it was shaped like a surfboard.

I was surprised, however, to see what number they brought us.

Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.




I don’t thing even the smallest of things escapes the staff at the Ritz Carlton.

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  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    See, we need to visit each other just for some mutual spoiling. You need to come here so I can spoil you with home-cooked food (that you don’t have to cook) and I need to visit you so you can take me THERE. I wanna passion fruit mojito – I’ll even share!!

    • Suzanne

      Sounds like a deal!
      I’m not usually a mojito-type person, but it was wonderful!


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