Stressed Out – And Girly Problems

•  Last night, my son had an allergic reaction to something he ate, and I found myself worrying whether or not he’d make it to his HS graduation ceremony today.

•  This morning I’m still concerned.

 Today, if he seems to be improving, I will try to de-stress with a workout at the gym while his brother keeps an eye on him.

•  All day, I’ll be continuing the data recovery, make-a-bazillion-copies of multiple terabytes of photos, process.

 It is a looooong process.

•  Today, also, my in-laws fly into town.

•  Yes, I said in-laws.

•  Tonight (assuming the previous mentioned allergic reaction can be controlled) my son graduates from high school.  It will be a very long event.

•  Yesterday, I received a call informing me a recent bone density test showed I’m losing bone.

•  Losing bone?

•  I guess that makes me officially OLD.

•  Except for my legs, which are gaining bone.

•  What the hell?

Isn’t this kind of stuff supposed to happen when we are elderly?


Why are my leg bones gaining bone?

(By the way, I’m also very low on Vitamin D even though I take both Vitamin D and Calcium supplements.)

•  Taking “Grow A Bone” drugs are an option.  Except?  I need to do research because I don’t want to take drugs if I can find a better way to grow bone.  Or stop losing bone.


•  Yesterday, I got an additional (worse?) call informing me a recent ultrasound showed the possible cause of some girly-problems.  (Polyps and fibroids)

•  I need a uterine biopsy.  (Ouch!)

•  And, additionally, most likely, an endometrial ablation and D&C.

•  And possibly, if that doesn’t work and/or the biopsy is bad, a hysterectomy.  (Instant menopause, with a big dose of pain.)

•  I don’t even fully understand it all yet, but none of it makes me happy.

•  Getting news like this within 24 hours of having my son (hopefully) graduate from high school makes me feel VERY ANCIENT.

•  There should be a rule against me ever needing any type of medical intervention for anything for the rest of my life.  I know that isn’t logical, but it’s how I feel about all of this unwelcome news.  I’ve had enough of the medical world.

•  Boo Hiss!

•  Please share if you know anything about any of this (getting old before your old) girly stuff.  I need to learn a lot before I let anyone do anything to me ….

•  I realize many people will wonder why I would write about something as personal as female issues online.

•  I’ll tell you why.  We learn from each other. 

•  Did I mention I’m stressed out about my son’s allergic reaction, the in-laws arriving, the graduation (will he be able to go?), becoming bone-less at an early age, and being told I need painful medical procedures to my girly parts?


14 Responses to “Stressed Out – And Girly Problems”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I’ve had a uterine ablation. It did NOT stop my periods – just an FYI. I’m hoping that both PR can attend his graduation ceremony and your biopsy comes back negative.

    Hand in there, girl.

  2. Diane

    I also had an ablation and it didn’t stop my periods but it did lighten them a great deal. AND, it was really quite painless of a procedure. Wishing you much luck with ‘oh so many things at once’ causing you stress. Why are your legs gaining bone?? That’s just weird.

    • Suzanne

      The goal of the ablation is not to be period-less … although, that would be a nice benefit if it happened.
      : )

  3. stacy g

    Maybe your legs are gaining bone from working with baby face? and the rest of you is not gaining bone since you cannot work out the upper body so much? Hope your son gets to go to graduation and the rest of your day is stress free or less stressful anyways.

    • Suzanne

      Maybe my legs are gaining bone because almost all my exercise in the last 7 years has been via my legs … since my upper body is pretty useless.

  4. Julie in Michigan

    I just had a hysterectomy in February at the age of 44. I had a lot of large cysts and numerous fibroids, heavy periods etc. The doctor planned on my procedure being minimally invasive however it was 5 hours later when I woke up in recovery. I’m much better now but something happened during surgery that I had no control over. There’s more to the story and I’m not afraid to share it but I don’t want to scare anyone even though I now each of us has a different body/outcome.

    • Suzanne

      I’m sorry your surgery ended up being more complicated than expected.
      That is one reason why I’d like to avoid surgery if possible – stuff doesn’t always happen the way it’s planned.
      : (

  5. Joy

    Endometrial biopsies are uncomfortable, but are quick. Did not opt for ablation, wanted hysterectomy, was booked, but then scheduled a move to Europe four weeks after procedure was scheduled, so no go to surgery, but am back on the pill to control heavy cycles. At 38. And it’s working this time. So there is that.

    Bone density is helped by working out. Also get your vitamin B levels checked, and magnesium levels.

    Hope your son can attend his graduation ceremony!!

    • Suzanne

      I will have to find out more about vitamin B and magnesium.
      Thank you for the info and tips!

  6. Hallie

    Hysterectomy almost 15 years ago. Left my ovaries so no menopause. Best thing I ever did. Had to have it abdominally as I was young (late 20’s) and healthy. Apparently, the older you are, the easier it is to do it vaginally which is less invasive. Not a single problem since my surgery and no period. Did I mention it was the best thing I ever did?

    • Suzanne

      It’s nice to hear everything went so well.
      Positive outcomes are always great to hear!
      : )

  7. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Had the full hysterectomy in ’04 by choice/demand after researching my options. Let me know if you have any questions. I purposely asked to have my ovaries removed too as I didn’t not want to continue with the problems they were creating on their own. Please email me and ask questions if you have any. I’m an open book! No questions are off limits.

    Oh, and losing bone – have info on that and about the bone replacement drugs have not heard good things from the one person I know who has used this treatment.

    I’ve been having decreasing bone density since my early 30’s. I think some of the meds we get fed can contribute to that issue to, personal opinion…

    Feel better and hope your son is okay.


  8. Judi

    I had the same as Hallie, hysterectomy but left the ovaries and cervix, in ’06. Best thing ever!!!! I had polyps, fibroids, endometriosis, you name it. Seriously, life without periods is so freeing.


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