Summer Movie Classic

Hoag Hospital held a fundraising event called Summer Movie Classic on Wednesday night.

It was held at The Hangar on the OC Fairgrounds.

The Hangar - Hoag @ 2013 SHaggerty W-1

The Hangar in Costa Mesa.

It was a really warm (!!) day here for the event.

I love the entrance they set up for attendees.

Summer Movie Classic @ 2013 SHaggerty W-1

Entrance to Summer Movie Classic.

After being greeted, Miss Kay and I perused the outdoor area.

I love people-watching.

People-watching in The OC can be even more entertaining than anywhere else in the world many places.

I took a lot of photos of shoes women were wearing, but unable to walk in.

(Maybe I’ll do a “ridiculous shoes” post sometime soon?)

Local restaurants offered small plates of their specialties – sushi, ceviche, Italian meatballs, salads, Hawaiian pork belly, etc., etc.

Attendees enjoyed wandering around sampling tasty fare from many excellent restaurants.

(Beer and wine were also available.)

All of the food and drinks were included with admission.

Raffle tickets were for sale with several donated gift baskets/packages available to win.

Miss Kay hates to have her photo taken.

She was standing in perfect light, though, so I “had” to take this shot.

Miss Kay @ 2013 SHaggerty W-1

Miss Kay

She’s fearlessly carrying my camera gear and a glass of wine.

Eventually, the crowd moved into The Hangar for a showing of Casablanca.

Popcorn, soft pretzels, and churros were available (at no charge) throughout the movie.

A lot of people also brought in candy from the “candy tables” just outside the movie entrance.

I don’t think I ever realized how many adults love gummi bears, etc.

(From the look of the candy line, it seemed like candy was the most popular dining fare offered at the event?)

The acoustics in The Hangar were only so-so for the movie.  At times, it was difficult to understand the movie dialog.

Raffle winners were announced at the conclusion of the movie.

I’m sure Hoag Hospital Foundation was successful in raising a lot of money for the hospital.

All in all, it was a really fun event.

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  1. Erica

    OC employees can still drink on the job. 😀

  2. Julie in Michigan

    Yes, please do a ridiculous shoe post!


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