The Weekend in Snippets

I can’t believe it’s June.

My life seems full of things I “have” to do lately …

Which are not at all the same things I WANT to do.

So, let me start this post off with a PSA (public service announcement):

•  This weekend I had my “annual” gyn appointment AND a mammogram.  (One appointment was late Friday afternoon and the other was Saturday morning.)  If either of these are things you’ve been neglecting taking care of I hope you will make the necessary appointments.  Every year I dread these visits, and yet, every year I’m also glad I “make” myself go.  I’ve lost friends to cancer, and many of you probably have also.  As much as we might dread having a doctor stick their (entire?) arm up our yahoos, it’s really not “that” bad.  Mammograms are very painful for me due to the injuries on the right side of my body, but they only last for a minute or two.  Again, preventative medicine is the best medicine.  Finding problems early is the best chance for recovery.  I hope all my female readers are keeping up with their “well checks.”

•  It’s very odd to be “recognized” while hanging out (literally?) at a local Breast Center.

•  Speaking of awkward moments, I was also on duty as a prom photographer this weekend.  Do you remember awkward moments from high school dances?

Awkward @ SHaggerty 2013-1

The above photo is probably my favorite high school dance photo I’ve ever taken.  (And I’ve taken a LOT of them!)

•  Phoebe’s second batch of eggs have not hatched yet.  She’s being a good mom and keeping them warm.

•  I tried swimming with one (and only one!) arm this weekend.  I didn’t spiral around in circles as reader, Erica, had thought I might.  I didn’t get very far without getting frustrated either.  After a lap or two, I grabbed a kick-board and did a lot of just-kicking laps.  No, it wasn’t nearly as fun as my usual fake swimming.  On the other hand, I was under threat of death from Paul Newman if I did any fake-swimming this weekend.  (And let’s be honest, I’m still really inflamed from what I did last weekend.)  Paul Newman will be proud of my restraint?  Or at the very least, maybe he won’t have to pop my arm bone back into place this week?  I really hate it when he does that …

•  I started watching old seasons of Arrested Development.  Have you seen it?  It’s based on a fictitious (??) family living in Newport Beach.  South Orange County is great fodder for TV shows.  I don’t know why I never watched this series when it originally came out?  Maybe because I’m surrounded by OC people all the time and I get tired of them.  Many of the sights in the show are places I see in my daily life.

•  My just-graduated-from-college son, RC, eats so much!  (In addition to having a young man’s metabolism, he works out at a gym daily.  His body needs fuel.)  I can’t believe the amount of food I’m purchasing and cooking.  I love having him here.  Feeding him, however, is a full-time job.  (He does cook his own breakfast and sometimes lunch.  But, like most college-aged kids, he LOVES coming home to his mom’s cooking.  How can a mom resist that?)

•  I’m hoping to receive a new lens early this week.  I finally caved-in and ordered a dedicated portrait lens.  I primarily shoot/sell landscapes so a lens “just” for portraits has not been a huge priority.  (I also have several other lenses which do a great job taking “people” photos.)  But, since I seem to be getting suckered into  persuaded  hired  to do more and more people shoots, it was time to bite the bullet and make the purchase.  I’ve heard there’s a long/steep learning curve with the lens I ordered.  I love a good challenge.  I’m sure I’ll share some of my results with you soon.


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